Once a month, Aunt Charlene would do her part in the distributing of the bulk food order from the local Maine food co op.

And ordering for what everyone needed for food supplies was done in the Ronald McDonald Room ironically. Downstairs where the little kids get wired on way too much cake and squeal, NASCAR fast circling the area the tall clown with the big feet, way too much lipstick and the wild red hair hangs out under the golden arches. You know, the place where you deserve a break today, change back from your dollar, Mickey D’s. Don’t forget to super size that value meal deal. Move ahead please.

Eating healthier dark, heavy multi grain breads, letting go of bleached wonder white air puff stinking thinking.

Pass the yogurt and that red pepper humus will you please? The joy of having the Maine home pantry stocked with the good stuff. To spread around the family kitchen table that is highly nutritious. Bulk bought food where you fill, store, have ready everything you need to knock down the meal times.

To save money on avoiding all that colorful, eye catching, wallet opening marketing containers. That razzle dazzle a tired, hungry, in a hurry person pushing the wire cart with always the one bad, squeaky peg leg wheel. The place with the muzak, where you pay more for one can of corn rather than buy the whole case wholesale thinking foiled.

Less trips, not dependent on the grocery store means more time, money for something else.

Not running the roads as much. Savings happening, building for peace of mind, those rainy days. And along maineflowers3with the food co op bulk buying when the freight comes in, weaving in the food you grow yourself outback in the garden plot.

The close to home locally raised produce, fruit, veggies you score when in season has another conveyor belt into that same pantry too. Fresh is best. But canning and preserving part of the ritual in a Maine household.

Eating better, less stressed, feeling in the pink.

You are what you eat. Not trying to just be trim but fit too and eating healthy. Because your body is a temple, something to protect, preserve and to enrich life by daily maintenance of the physical, spiritual, mental health balance. To keep it that way.

In balance with moderation and awareness of what is going in the pie hole. The good thoughts coming out of the same portal. Or remaining silent if there is a storm in the heart or head and oh oh, here comes a tongue lashing. Heads are going to roll. Venting helps put out the fire, but inner joy, peace extinguishes the need for all that kindling to maintain and build the blaze right?

Not happy, poor me is a choice. Staying that way is plain lazy.

But not so hand stand, heel kicking clicking happy goes hand in hand with not feeling so hot. Maybe because the diet is not helping. But often the last place they look under, behind. It’s all in your head may need to move over with the what are you putting, funneling, siphoning into your gut cowboy? Besides that can of beans, beef jerky, slice of cactus? Washing all that trail dust down with a gallon of swamp water. MMmmm not so good. No, I’m not going to pass the Little Debbie’s oat pie hombre. You’ll get your shot of formaldehyde when it’s RIP time.

Here is a Maine food co op directory that needs to be added to, feel free. Update to display where locally you get your bulk food, the know where it comes from and how it was grown vittles your family deserves. That’s so so important to the simpler, healthier living in Maine schema.

Another portal to throw, toss into the grocery cart for the Crown O’ Maine Organic Cooperative. Nature’s Circle in New Limerick Maine still one more shining star organic food operation that is anything but Mickey Mouse, rinky dink. Or maybe you need quality seed to start your own backyard enterprise for good wholesome, grow it yourself food? Wood Prairie Farms is a good resource to add to the list in your determination for better, healthier living in Maine.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker