Had a head hunter stop into the office who had been doing his job for the same length as my Maine real estate career, coming up on thirty four years.

Looking for property and I asked him how his job has changed once I knew what he did for work. He said the attitude, tone, lack of respect knob volume has steadily been increasing in job seekers he deals with daily.

The job interviews used to be with a candidate quiet, nervous, anxious.

Hat in hand. Sober faced. Needing the job and willing to do whatever it took to get it. Not making demands, not grand standing. Humble, grateful, hopeful about the job process. What happened and where did the shift take place?

The erosion started with some applicants spoiled growing up and thinking the world owes them a living, anything. A big fat salary, comfortable life, benefits package no matter how improperly schooled or alexbaxterkatahdinprepared for the job.

This seasoned head hunter said he saw more and more applicants make demands, have unrealistic expectations. Not many gave the impression they were in it for the long haul. Opportunistics, ready to jump ship to feather their own caps.

Spouting more of “if I decide to take this job and it all depends on this company measuring up” tone, ultimatum. If you guys jack high the ante.

Feed, raise the pot to my satisfaction” attitude, tone plays out during the interview quickly heading south. Going badly but no where to bring it back around. Salvage something good from the horsesmainegroupsession for both parties.

Often the “not getting the job” candidate when told he wears a cocky attitude and his lack of team player spirit were two reasons does not take the rejection well.

Tells the interviewer hiring, screening where he can put the job. That he would never consider working for someone so rinky dink, mickey mouse, bush league.

Blaming others for his difficulty to get the job he knows he deserves at the nose bleed high pay scale level he expects. But is just not best suited for the long and short of it. Many times these out of whack expectations come from parents who spoiled the lad or lassie. Told them pretty much nonstop growing up that he or she could do no wrong. That the world pretty much revolved around them. The grand scheme to expect immediate results without passing go short cuts. Others expected to say how high when asked to jump, perform, meet their needs.

This head hunter, job placement veteran was not working in Maine, not interviewing job applicants from Vacationland.

In Maine work ethic is everything. Dedication to the job, to go above and beyond to keep it. To pour the same blood, sweat and tears into our local communities, families. Because it reflects on the person, his or her Maine town, family and shows what they are made of is instilled in us as young grasshoppers.

Maine, hard working small town friendly, uncomplicated folks live here. Looking for a place to launch, start your business, watch it grow with the right attitude? With hard working, dependable Maine employees in it for the long haul? Not a bad way to grow your business this place called Maine.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker