Starting A New Day In Maine. Start The Morning Show Intro.
Starting A New Day In Maine. Beginning The Morning Show Intro Up At ’em.

How you say the word “chowder” tells a lot about where you hail from in Maine Chummy.

Where your home town is in Vacationland Mister Man. Because Maine is a big honking state with many facets. Nooks and crannies. Not just ocean front, salty sea air weathered harbor communities dotted with lighthouses. Where dwellers have their own special version of the tasty concoction to sample. And colorful Maine kitchen language, communication.

While collecting sea glass, Maine souvenirs as you tourist troll up and down steep winding streets you ask about the chowder. The soup of the day as you 90 degree swerve with shopping bags. Into a small, dark, quaint watering hole. Place to put on the feed bag, satisfy the growling down below. To take a load off the two feet. Kick back for some sustenance. Some Maine chowder.

The server announces proudly the the seafood “chow-dahhh” smells some kind of wicked good out in the kitchen.

And if you want, she can check to see availability of the other variations on a theme. With options to select of fish, clam, corn chowder… er I mean “CHOW-dahh”. And she would love to ladle out a cup or bowl to begin the culinary digestive games. That end up no matter what you order off the menu drooling. Staring, mesmerized with a slab of over sized, skyscraper tall hot Maine blueberry pie. With two or more huge scoops of chilled to perfection ice cream in your favorite flavor. To top off, cap one memorable meal in Maine.

So say “chowder”. Let me guess where you are from. (“Chow-der”) I got it, have it… Bucksport….no no, wait, you are from Cutler Maine. I know. Neat how easy it is to tell when you’ve lived, traveled around Maine all your life. And when you pay attention. The way people say Bangor is the same tell tale mystery solved on where they grew up. Not where they live now…but in the formative years.

In another dining venue in Maine the sever might suggest a slightly different version of the word chowder.

More nasal, missing the strong ‘r’ or with a twang addition of just the “da” or ahh”. You have to try some of the chowder can sound so different. New way inviting when everywhere in Maine you go it is termed a unique way. And the ingredients inside marinating, adding to the medley of flavorful fireworks in the chowder is special to the area. And the local food, grown close to home ingredients that are lovingly sliced, diced. Slid, stirred, swirled, stewed. Escorted, mixed into the secret, seasoned to perfection Maine chowder. Eat up, there’s more if you want.

Maine, are you hungry yet?

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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