Maine Has 4500 Real Estate Agents, Brokers, REALTORS
Learning, Laughing, Networking In Maine REALTOR Convention Events.

New developments in your industry and what’s hot, not.

No matter what you do there is a state, national, world, solar system meeting to be better at it. Because regardless of what you jump out of bed, get up each morning to go off to work to perform for a task, the way to do your job’s hokey pokey changes. Because its faster faster, better, quicker, more complete and sweet. The new, chop chop more efficient, get used to it blur pace of life, society. And there are always neat creative ways to do what you do more efficient, effectively right? To meet the needs of the person the service is being provided for, the Joe and Jane Customer receiving the product on the other end of the marketing signal.

This year’s annual statewide Maine REALTORS meeting was in Portland Maine.

Next year’s is at the Samoset in Rockport Maine. Hopefully (fingers and toes crossed) the 2016 venue will be Bangor Maine thanks to the new Cross Center. A little closer to home for me because Portland is a 3.5 hour drive. Maine is one big honking state remember?

Linda Gifford, Maine Lawyer For REALTORS Group.
Talking With Her Hands, Lots Of Emotion, Maine REALTOR”s Legal Arm Linda Gifford Explains A Point.

The annual meeting is a time of continuing credit hours gathering, required for Maine real estate licensing renewal.

It is a coming back together for three days of old friends in different markets that you network with in Maine real estate promotion, sales.. The group is a resource to find more creative ways to clear hurdles that come up in the day to day peddling property listings. It is a place to share successes, setbacks. What each and every one of us learns listing, marketing, selling (repeat) Maine real estate.

Maine REALTOR Convention Continuing Credit Courses.
Slide Your REALTOR Key Card Right In This Slot, To Get Credit For The Class.

The clearing the schedule for three days going into the Maine REALTOR convention is always hectic. But with cell phones, a super assistant back at the office, email, you stay connected with real estate buyers and sellers, banks and lawyers while on the road. And blogging still happens. Because the Maine real estate office is really online day and night. It’s where the people are. Where we have to be 24/7/365 lock and load ready. Thanks to a little device called the Internet. “I may doze but never close” means we are open for business.

The take away from all the educational credits, the conversations around the dinner table and out on after hours hospitality suites verandas of vendors all vying for your business is we are in a people business.

One of forming relationships, meeting needs, listening to know, connecting. Then advice, guidance from experiences for the best direction to navigate. Setting expectations early on that all center, revolve around the largest investment for most that is ever made.

Real estate is emotional.

Whether it’s the Maine waterfront property that tugs at your heart strings and increases the lub dub. Makes you tingle. Or the dire, “gotta sell my home quickly because I relocated” that makes your seller frantic, sweat, anxious. Causes his family’s life to be put painfully on hold. Or the divorce, estate settling that needs special, sensitive, empathetic surgical glove handling for broken heart mending in the someone’s gotta pack up, go shuffle.

Maine REALTORS Meal Time.
Learning Means Hungry, Eating. Dinner Table Talk Very Educational. Food For Thought.

Old and young and in between, Maine REALTORS rubbing elbows in an organization of around 4500 agents, brokers from around Vacationland. All in different markets with unique dynamics but everyone of us with a fierce pride in the state, county, local Maine community we represent. Back to work this Friday in the real estate office, industry I have worked at for thirty three years. And that does not feel like a job at all because it is what I am built to do.

Real Estate Is Emotional, Deals With Ethics.
Ethics Class For Maine REALTORS Continuing License Renewal Credits.

Thanks for following our Me In Maine blog posts, kinda like a journal of sorts. A distraction to the my real Maine job I get up, brush my teeth, comb my hair to do after running through the shower each morning. It is true if you love what you do, you do not ever work a day in your life.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker