Maine Geocaching.
Geocaches in Maine, Have You Ever Uncovered, Stumbled On To One? Used GPS To Find Them?

FACT: Maine is pretty much rural.

The people scattered sparsely around the 108 small Maine towns populating the landscape of Vacationland. Spaced out, far enough apart thinned out so exploring happens. Not always someone handy to give you directions. You can get lost. Especially in the unorganized townships in north western areas of no burg names. “T” this, “R” that and wildlife the only inhabitants. A handful of sporting camps, hunting, fishing, snow sledding camps on leased land not owned property.

Not everything shows up on a map in unorganized areas.

Although the updated Delorme Gazateer is one neat guide to any exploration you do in Maine. The best $15.51 with free shipping you’ll ever spend because little off the beaten cow paths and new roadways show up as the editions get updated. You gotta have a map to play the game.

While I was exploring for the one by one hunt of Maine lighthouses, armed with the Gazateer and GPS screen that helps in some applications jeeping around the Pine Tree State.

Knowing a lighthouse in Maine is right in this neighborhood someplace as getting closer and closer, circling and exploring an area is part of the adventure.

But if you like the hidden treasure, to have the thrill of the hunt for a unique location in Maine, then Geocaching is right up your alley. There are 2,161,487 active geocaches and over 6 million geocachers worldwide. And growing in number as interest in the “sport” increases.

Learn about upcoming Maine Geocaching events. New to the term? Here is more on geocaching, what it’s all about. Geocaching is a lot like a 150-year-old game called “Letterboxing”. And from stories, folks could play Sherlock Holmes, Nancy Drew or The Hardy Boys. Using clues, and references in the literary works to landmarks to seek out. Kinda along the lines of the Nicholas Cage movie about hunting down treasures. Based on missing clues that surface. That educate on historical facts with a twist of fiction.

Ever tried your hand at geocaching? There are 12394 Maine geocaches to date.

Maine, life here is outdoors, all four seasons. Plenty of fresh air, exercise, wildlife and clean water happens round the calendar.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker