Maine Is Clean, Fresh Water, Lakes.
The Waterfront In Maine, Where to Be Parked Dead Of Summer.

Don’t change a thing, whoever dialed in the Maine summer weather has the right mix.

Lock it in, rip the knob off. Just back away slowly. Don’t jinx it. The earlier wet, cold spell is forgotten. Fun in the sun in Maine is underway in good shape. Playing catch up. Sweeping out the cobweb worries of rain rain that would not go away in the rear view. Rip that sucker off. Gaze straight ahead.

Life is not just one sense operating at a time.

Nothing independent. But a mix. Layers. Filters. Usually what you see, hear, feel, taste, smell all combine for something memory making. Good or bad memories can flood back like yesterday was today. With the right combination of sensory overload trip wire tumbler connections aligned.

So today’s post is what summer setting would complete (energize) the beaming, transport to the right mix for summer living just the way you like it in Maine?

Start with a crystal blue summer sky, with MIA clouds. Not a one showed up today. Add strong, warm sunshine beaming pulses of bright clean light. Tempered with a slight breeze. Are you with me? Better change into shorts, swim wear. Something sort sleeve or tank top or waterproof. Or put on suntan lotion to your specific SPF needs. Lather up. Because you are going to get wet before the blog post unravels, ends. Up to your neck and over your head.

You are surrounded by family and friends. All of them. Deceased ones are not missing for this exercise. Alive and kicking. You are on the Maine waterfront. Laughing, splashing. Grilling and chilling.

The best summer cooking BBQ, home made covered dishes start arriving one by one.

Pies, short cakes, casseroles, food platters. Proudly carried by their creators who excel in one in particular culinary effort that is to die for, out of this world. Not from any store. Sacred, passed down, taught, mastered by the cook related to you who shared, unlocked the secret to its power.

Summer music needed, to mix with the Maine loons, fishing boats droning by with the hum, whirr of their Mercuries, Yamahas, Wizard and Jonnson buzzing power plants pushing, plying bright multi colored crafts. Music for summer fun, someone ask for some?

Cue The Summer Time Music Please Slim.

A Man Selling Ice Cream, Singing Italian Songs

Jump In, Way Deeper Than You’ve Ever Been.

There’s An Air Of Love And Happiness

Some Times Not Always So G Rated As It Heats Up.

Summer Of 1969, Seemed To Last Forever.

Maybe Summer Is Going To Carolina In Your Mind.

Summer living in Maine.

Get outside, off the couch. Toss the channel clicker in the corner. You can go look for it next winter. See you on the open water in Maine. What’s your favorite recreational pursuit, recollection of best summer memories in Maine? Don’t keep her waiting. The weather is some kind of drop dead gorgeous. Get here quick as you can.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker