Maine Storm Damage Happens.
Large Trees No Match For Strong Maine Winds, Rains Working Together.

Talking about the weather, the standard default when conversation lulls.

The driving force for many when you decide what kind of day it is based on if the sun is shining or not. The amount of rainfall in Maine has been on the plus side this spring.

Too much water means Maine farmers have equipment parked, waiting to plant the rest of their crops.

I have talked with some Maine potato and grain farmers who indicate roughly 35% of their crop is in. The saturated soil of ground water makes them nervous about the seed already planted. And left wondering when they can plant the rest of their crops without mired to the axles in mud, stuck solid up to the hubs. To salvage, have something on the other end, in fall to harvest. That’s farming in Maine, anywhere because you are dependent on the weather. Which you and I know the weather is not always predictable. Often not so tame, cooperative.

The winds Sunday night combined with the heavy rains to create extra work for power and phone line crews too.

Micro bursts of intense wind, torrential rain caused extensive damage. With trees down on lines, structures, vehicles. The clean up continues and it does make one wonder about the summer weather ahead. Whatever the pattern is, Mainer’s are resilient, will make the most of what they have. And find some ray of sunshine, something to be grateful about to survive.

On the other hand businesses like white water rafting, kayak outfits are enjoying the increase in water. The river changes with more water but overall improves with the added H2O. Because dangerous rocks exposed and to be maneuvered around are suddenly erased. The river gets “more slippery”. Like oil in the machine that lubricates the chutes, twists and turns. Adding more padding, cushion, insulation for the ride.

But dairy bars for ice cream take out and outdoor vacation parks could do without too much added water. The increased number of daily showers are like a wet blanket. Heat, hot temperatures are what help tag team with the bright sunshine, blue skies to make one hanker, drool for something cool, sweet. That says summer when the take out window opens and asked politely “can I help you, what will it be?”

If a summer is dark, cold, wet, the business lost in June, July, August does not suddenly get made up at the tail end of the season either.

With all those missed treats suddenly collected in a sugar high all at once. To even the score, end up with as many twisted cones, banana boats or sauced sundaes with chopped nuts and cherry. All teetered, balanced and carefully carried back to the vehicle that delivered the customer. The business is gone, but the payments to run the enterprise continue regardless. People stay in when it rains. Outdoor businesses need them to do the opposite and head outdoors, move around.

Today the sun is shining, there is a summer breeze. And the lack of a run of picture perfect summer days can make the hit or miss ones you do get blessed with all the more sweeter, precious. Pick a season, don’t have to have a reason and get to Maine. And roll down that window, you’re in Vacationland now.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker