Maine Is An Excellent Place To Learn, Grow, Live.
Learning From Both Maine Dark Clouds, Storms Or The Many Bright Sunshine Days.

The patience to learn and succeed is easy while the sunshines. When life’s roadway is straight, paved and level.

But introduce some twists, hairpin turns. Sprinkle in a few dips, gullies, large potholes. Pile on, get dumped some straight up vertical rock climbs to your life course. Throw in a healthy dose of intense, severe inclimate weather patterns and what happens?

Depends on the person.

Some blame others, make excuses, avoid challenges during the seemingly sad turn of events. Step away rather than dig in and take responsibility. But how you lead, react to life all depends on what you were taught growing up. What you saw illustrated to see the good, bad and the ugly. And to apply those lessons to your own life.

Or if missed out early on when knee high to a grasshopper, then hopefully picked up soon along the way. If certain lessons just not gleaned, available to harvest in the all important formative years. If not shared or talked about by the circle of loved ones raising you on open front porches. In farm home kitchen rocking chairs enjoying a fresh home made cookie, something cool to drink. The bits and pieces of the sage wisdom shared during picnics, at funerals and wedding events. From now wiser, older family members expressing love not anger. Or engaging in the the unproductive turmoil of feeding, perpetuating pure heavy drama. Shift gears. This us, we, not me.

My Dad’s University of Maine college commencement speaker told the rows and rows of new graduates wearing the square hats that he wished them much success. But at the same time hoped they made mistakes. Lots of them quickly. Had setbacks early in life so they could benefit from them. To save greater, deeper heartache later. So life was rich, had purpose, fulfillment and was not kept a dark mystery where you missed out on many of the fun rides, experiences.

Feeling dispair, that setbacks are permanent.

Instead of turmoil should be only temporary because you are not easily discouraged. And one by one sort through the solutions options available so the dark clouds disperse. Blue sky and the sun can shine brightly again in your life. For those you are lucky to have in it surrounding you because relationships are the most important thing in life. When it is all said and done right? Who would not want to improve them, make them to get to the next deeper level? Unless you like, thrive on hubbub. Ah, but it takes everyone eyes wide open. Ears too. To be in unity, harmony, to achieve oneness. To rise above the pretty petty habit of who to blame when the going gets tough.

So one by one, picking up, adding new tools to the skill set. To improve your approach, outlook on life. The most powerful lessons kind you only grasp, latch onto when between a rock and a hard place. The low spots where you really learn to find the silver lining. It does not matter how you fell in the hole but how to get out right?

To start small and build your way up.

After stripping away the non-essentials of run away emotions, fear, insecurities. Becoming humble, meek, mild. But highly creative, resourseful, prayerful. Receptive to really learning after your pride disappears. And survival saddles up, kicks in with sharp spurs from both sides. When it becomes do or die, sink or swim.

Sad to say but like banging your head against the wall, it feels so good when you stop. When you try something new to achieve different results. To move from the stall, dead lock. Pushing hard with both feet when you bottom out. Onward, upward 180 degrees in a new direction.

Clothed with a completely different atttitude.

Armed with a better outlook, full of hope and desire to improve the situation. Knowing you can do it. Are not lazy even though temporarily blind. Even if not everyone around you is on the same page, on board in the resolution when the options are limited. But when arguement, circular debates that go nowhere just bog everything done. Cause bone tired weary to happen which is one big waste of time, emotion, life. Don’t waste the sunshine, daylight but learning to weather the darkness, the storms in life. We need to compare notes, learn from each other.

But what did you learn to avoid the same blind mistakes and emotion upheaval they cause to you, those around you that you care about, love and worry about? If you don’t take ownership, have a stake in the steady decline of missed cues, red flags and just ignorance to new situations, nothing new is added.

To the what just happened / what did we just learn column in the gray matter we all carry around. And try to improve to avoid the rerun, rehash. Over and over repeat of the not so pleasant but highly educational life experience. And our role in the script to that life movie.

Maine, two words. Natural, outdoors. She’s drop dead gorgeous and waiting. Get here quick as you can.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker