Maine Homemade Outdoor Fun.
Maine, Making Our Own Fun. Wake Up, Get Outdoors And Slide, Laugh, Spill Together.

Mainers are viewed as pretty grounded, solid, a little outspoken and definitely as independent thinkers.

Remember the catch phrase “As Maine goes, so goes the nation.” It’s nothing new. Just with the speed of thought information available to us with the Internet age we live in, more about life in Maine pops up. The simple, real, honest lifestyle glimpses here is available, appears online now with regularity. In images of Maine, videos of Vacationland and blogs about the Pine Tree State. Like this one you are slurping a coffee. Taking the time to read, read, read. Thank you.

The think for yourself part in Maine happens for lots of reasons.

First, look where we are located. Hello. (Tap tap of the World map pointer.) So far north we should be, almost are in Canada. Off by yourself means others leave you alone. There just are not many others. So becoming self reliant, more dependent on yourself for survival and entertainment skills is a given. Jack of all trades training starts as a young grasshopper. Where we are helps make us what we need to be.

Maine, we are not a state flush with money to just peel off a hundred dollar bill for this. Whip out some plastic to stripe the magnetic strip for that. We pretty much are self contained. Happiness, joy, contentment from within, not from others, events or situations external alone. Working to improve, be better, to have a purpose. And definitely, please don’t call me lazy. Day to day doing our part for what we need to provide for the simple things. Basics like food, shelter, family, love. That’s more than enough.

When your life is less dependent on material items, there’s no need to impress or create envy, it leaves plenty of space in your head and heart for the natural beauty and order of things.

The wonder of what’s around you in a drop dead gorgeous state like Maine gets the respect it deserves. We live in Vacationland full time. Are already here in the place most only get to dream about, maybe enjoy just one long weekend. To squeeze out a string of seven days a year if they are really lucky each year. And that’s all she wrote. Until the calendar gets untacked, tossed, replaced.

The journey to get here is like if you were a lunar astronaut. You just traveled the odd 240,000 miles and don’t unpack. Get too comfortable. And well, better start thinking about heading home. Back to the revolving, slightly tilted dark blue, deep green marble with the whip cream cloud formation. Cause it’s quite a hike, and incredible journey. Kinda low on fuel and time’s a ticking anxious happens. But you have to go this far to get this nice.

Maine, we’re insulated, not isolated.

Close to everything around you required. For no or low cost to provide a full, rich life once you land here. The good stuff in life for free here what is not available for any amount of money elsewhere happens all day long in Maine. And for the record just so’s you know, there are no polar bears in Maine. They prefer colder places. So let’s do some mental housekeeping. Tidying up and whisking away that little myth about our Maine weather, climate once and for all okay?

So back to the lead in blog post headline that got you to pull back the flap, side step into the tent. Mainers think for themselves. Less concerned about what everyone else is doing, thinking. Wary of polls and surveys that say 99% of folks feel, think, buy, pray, vote this or that way. We don’t have a lot of crutches for insecurities. Are not duped easily. Common sense and realistic is hard wired inside. Stand on our own two feet. Make our own decisions after careful thought, inner reflection and guidance from above.

Our Maine families, local communities, our craft or labor define us.

We don’t pay for what is public information in a small local Maine town. Angie’s List for piece of mind of which plumber, electrician, real estate broker or restaurant to eat at is not needed. Word gets around in a tightly knit community about all that. Who’s good and cheap. Who’s expensive but talented. Who is a nice guy but not so hot, and who cares what they charge. Not the one to pick if you ask a local.

But in large impersonal cities, where no one knows or trusts everyone, you need lots of expensive “tour guides” to help you get around. To bob and weave. Avoid rope a dope. Getting ground pounded. To make decisions for you. For the best experience when you’re in a hurry which is always. To think for a fee for you. Assembling what is public information already, lots of what you supplied and making you pay to get it back. Boy, that is stupid. Not the way we would waste, spend our hard earned money in Maine. Not for monthly fees to monitor our credit report either. We pay our bills. Don’t do debt. Don’t like credit, avoid it like the plague.

Maine, lots of reasons to be here. Come for a day, end up staying a life time.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker