Say Cheese. Crowd Closer Together.
Pull Closer, Come Together, Mainers Are Tightly Knit, Solid People.

Day to day living in Maine, mostly small rural tightly knit communities, means moderation, discipline and gratitude for all we have.

The sheer beauty of the unspoiled outdoors of Maine causes wonderment, intrigue, an inner peace. As we motivate from within to ask “what needs to be done today” before the sun sets? And for days without an amber gold, red, orange, pink and a host of other colors at it’s dusk, that lacks any sunshine during the waking hours, a little discomfort does not keep us from our goals. Doing what’s right.

Because no matter what the “weather” in life, we are all in it together, need each other in Maine.

Daily we all strive to keep march to a standard of performance. We don’t ease up, back off waiting for conditions to improve. We are driven to make the most of things. To accept what we have for situations. To tell ourselves it could be worse, buck up. March steadily upward, onward. So that each day we achieve results.

To win the battle of life a day at a time. and eventually the war in the role we play. With the help of other people introduced, brought into our paths. And you and I placed in their life for a reason. But it is up to us to be ever mindful, vigilant to see red flags. Recognize missed opportunities and take ownership of our part in the calamity, setbacks not just the gains. To modify the steps we take today, and the direction we march tomorrow. Being creative, flexible, not rigid, to clearly see the landscape paths before us.

Life is not all fun and games.

Respect can mix, partner, “fuel” the contented feeling that all of us are just so darn lucky, well off, fortunate. And that no one likes, enjoys a whiner who is ungrateful and does not realize that. Who has little company except other poor is me types if they don’t. Discipline does not mean being over stretched, over extended.

Discipline tempered with moderation means consistently pacing ourselves but at the same time pushing yourself. To always see the target, to achieve results. At times adjusting side blinders like carriage horses who’s owners help them avoid distractions, confusion in the environment. Neighborhoods they must clip clop through ahead of them. Before grain, water, hay, liniment and dry shelter at the end of the day. Before more of the same routine tomorrow, the day after that. Using what you have within you. Not giving up and wishing for talents you lack. Or think you do not possess that are right there in all of us. Just dormant, hibernating, untapped, unacknowledged. For now not exercised, called on or developed more fully when because we lose focus. Be calm. See, accept and prepare for what’s up ahead.

Storms in life can seem like loss of control.

Calm seas, safe harbors and sunny weather are much more enjoyable when your feet are held to the fire during the discomfort though. When struggles open you up, have faith while letting go. While forced, placed on your knees to have to listen. Acknowledging life is short, all of us are beginners. Being taught growing up to get your chores done, finish your peas. Wipe your feet, brush your teeth. To wake up keeping always mindful of the task ahead of you. To do a good job because it reflects on you. Illustrates what you are made of, who you are. What you are capable of, showing your commitment to excellence. Which is the passion, its own reward generated from within from the work ethic Maine is famous, well known.

If it is to be, it is up to me means no waiting around, wasting daylight. Not lashing out or blaming others for setbacks which are really pertinent defining lessons. What each of us takes responsibility for, ownership of to advance to the next level. Not taught to expect someone to do it for you. Not fooling yourself with a flip remark that “oh, that’s good enough”. But being your best, making it better than it was before you got involved. That is where a Mainer’s sense of purpose percolates from within all of us in the Pine Tree state.

To some discipline makes their dander come up, feels like punishment, being controlled by others.

Causes their back to stiffen to prepare for battle because you are being forced to do something beyond your will. And resistance wells within with a growl, grimace, snarl of “don’t tell me what to do”. Fear of loss of control hopefully slowly replaced with understanding. Eventually, sooner better than later the wisdom that what is right is not always easy, comfortable and or just whatever feels good. And that giving in does not mean total loss of your will to make other decisions if you do. Stop fighting. Don’t be scared. No need for fear.

Hang loose, get your sleep, things will look better tomorrow. Say your prayers, today Hebrews 12:11 the focus for this blog post. You have done all you can for today. The “It is well with my soul” chorus in my head during the hunt and peck. And underneath it all we are taught to be grateful, happy, content from within ourselves. For all that is truly good in our life, our soul. See the good in others, stick together.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker