Slow Down, Watch Out.
Like Maine Moose, Pop Ups, Spam, Cookies Hard To Miss On The Internet Highway Surfing.

Spam, cookies, pop ups. Not talking finger foods here.

It takes a little to know when you are being followed, tailed, tracked. Out of the corner of your eye in your travels online, you notice a small image. Of something that interests you. Because the day before you were looking at a ski jacket, accessory clothing just like that one. And (rubbing eyes, removing sand man sleep aid residue) you say self, that IS the coat I ordered. Or the same three of them I was checking out. Isn’t that a coincidence? Not, that is a sticky site that has you on retail radar.

Along the right hand side of your email in box, there it is again.

Like a Maine moose that shows up a lot, except during hunting season lay low periods. Or when they put on camo, go undercover. What’s up with that? On other product websites and social media playgrounds, there is the same color, style, identical coat showing up all wall to wall. But on top or to the side so as not to be too big, too obtrusive or irritate. And you figure it’s part of the cost to underright the Internet information highway. Like the ad slug bar along the bottom the first time you open up some videos. That you can opt out of in a few seconds.

But many easily “x”ed out hitch a rides not that long.

Pretty entertaining in their own right. Plus tied, flavored to match what usually comes up for a search result. Worth a peek, consideration if you have a few moments to look and listen. Consider the message that it ever so subtly plants in your grey matter. Behind your eyes, between your ears. All about cookies and this kind, are they good, bad in moderation? Not the kind you should not eat close to the time the dinner bell goes off, rings.

Being in a hurry online means clever watch where you step schemes get launched as soon as you check off, “sure, get me on your list for new deals, bargains, blue light specials”. Which really means, go ahead, screw up my days ahead. And sell my information, email, contact data. Or just help yourself to the IP address and study my shopping talent as a voyeur marketer.

Advertisers use these techniques because they work.

They understand the way the surfer’s mind, habits work. And dove tail lots of creative ways to hitch a ride on wherever you surf online. Capturing your IP address and then stoking the marketing fires by funneling paid information your way subtly. And not so shyly.

Have you noticed your ad shadow and wondered if it was just you? It is not high school skinny and getting bloated. As more and more tacked ons surround the marketing plate. Like a fully slotted greasy spoon diner business place mat. That work as you whistle, hum, kill time until your order ding dings. Is come and get it up, piping hot and ready to feast on. Maine, simple living with a greater awareness. Don’t stay away so long. She’s drop dead gorgeous and does not like to be stood up, kept waiting. Get here quick as you can.

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I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker