What's Happening, What Do We Do?

Huddled together, the couple Saturday morning who toured the house in Monticello Maine newly married.

She from England, he from the states. And both had been living in Israel together. Interesting talk during the property walk about the long process of getting US citizenship for the red head wife. Take a number, have a seat. Hurry up and wait.

Sensing a little edgy animosity around the light, bright conversation. Because of the illegal aliens that skirt, skip around the Candyland game board seemingly much easier. Below radar, traveling light. Not needing official regulation chutes and ladders. Without the thick stack of stamped, triplicate legal paperwork weighing them down. Following them in a bloated, straining three ring embossed binder tucked, protected under one arm.

We talked about how rabid serious soccer is taken in England.

How space in London is at a premium. With rules for sportsmen etiquette. The do’s and don’ts watching, following a game match and what can be uttered at a crowded loud, shouting corner pub if you value your life. But still be a loyal, proud fan of Chelsea, Arsenal, whatever your team’s colors, heritage, season record. Just like the German’s have ethics on their Autobahn. About souped up VW beetles sneaking by. Actually passing a sleek, more expensive BMW, Porsche or Mercedes on the open, no holds barred wild ride roadway.

The next pair linked up with right on schedule from Rhode Island back at the Maine real estate office.

Built, own, wrestle with a whopping 5300 square foot home in southern New England. But now that two daughters, their three horses and the busy run run run exhaustive schedule are poof, gone, time to seriously get high school skinny downsized.

They too echo a familiar theme. Want a property listing with healthy supply of Maine land wrapped around it. But this Maine home shown not finished. Weather tight but just bare studs inside. Walls needing insulation stuffed in, mucho grande interior work. From top to bottom. Side to side. Monday, expecting to hear it’s a green light. A go to move forward with a Maine property listing purchase and sale agreement.

Next segue to a conversation with a plumber who shares he was surprised to be contacted for a work order estimate.

Tapped on the shoulder. For lots of bathrooms in an extensive, complicated remodeling job. Where the local Maine house owner is a very close next of kin to someone in his same water and waste profession. Cutting, bending, shaping the same copper tubing. Soldering the identical faucets, flanges, fittings. And him head scratching wondering what’s up with that? Classic case of separating love and the checkbook when blood related.

The family member never intending to hire him. Heavens no.

But he hauled, ushered into the case as a checks and balances mechanism drone alone. For a robotic keeping the sibling honest role. To eyeball, add up, make sure his numbers are inline impeccable. The bill not padded, bloated. To improve on the bottom line if possible.

Family can be the most challenging, fun and games in business involving your chosen profession. And you exploited if you are a classic enabler. Sucked into the vortex of drama, back biting if not quick to side step. Avoid, successfully resist the tractor beam.

Do you like, enjoy listening in on Maine real estate conversations? Simple adventures keeping your eyes and ears open in Northern Maine shared with you the faithful Me In Maine blog post follower. In an attempt, sincere effort to bring you something new, varied, mildly entertaining, a tad though provoking about the human condition.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker