Maine Simple Living, Knowing Where The Value Is Day To Day.
What Makes A Rich, Personal Life Is Not Bought, It Is Shared. Values, Beliefs, Traditions Big In A Small Maine Town.

Years ago when it was little house on the prairie living, being alone in the wilderness was sink or swim.

Do or die. You became resourceful, worked hard to provide food, shelter, safety for your family. Everyone pitched in, had a role. A family was connected, love was evident. Struggles helped define and strengthen the bond. No one parked on couches and watched reality shows. There were endless amounts of chores to do. Much was tied to the weather for deadlines. No debate, arguing, drama or delay happened.

Industry, pride in your work and a deep satisfaction in what you set out to do each day and actually accomplished was a good honest thing.

You were not subjected to spin, endless rhetoric. You did not have what our youngest calls “first world problems” to fret about, fuss over.

Respect for others, greater awareness of the world around you meant little room for selfish. There were fewer people and everyone needed, depended dearly on each other. Your day to day was not one of leisure and slogan reminders of “have it your way” or “you deserve a break today”. Or here, enjoy your personal pan pizza, or hop in a car all alone and drive five hours to pick up a hot new outfit. And then starve for two weeks to fit into it and why?

The need for personal attention may come out of boredom, not enough heavy lifting that you no longer do.

Less physical labor, no long days with great satisfaction for just keeping your head above water. And everyone around you busy bees the same way to survive. Lazy was the worst four letter word you could be labeled with and when you were caught up, you helped others. Everyone cross trained, all labored until the work was done.

Now the freed up time from a ground up, streamlined average day in America means work less, more time to worry about what we want, maybe not need. The shift from making yourself content, happy from within under your own power and being grateful for what you have. To lamenting what you see advertised you wished you had and can not really afford. But buy any way you can. So you are doing your part to carry your portion of the average American plastic credit card debt of $17,0000 each.

Turning off the marketing messages is the first step.

Getting off the couch, spending less time being social online and creating your own life with more exercise will help too. Not trying to mirror someone else rich, famous, popular. Everything you want to change about your own life, like a stalker, their shadow. The expression “get a life” may mean start living your own. Thinking more of the greater good, not “me me me” only. Are we more self centered, all important and that is part of the wrong turn taken a ways back?

Signals, messages, scare tactics, ego stroking saying you deserve more because you are the greatest. Or could be with this product, service, something you are convinced you need to spend money on. Feeling good, artificially for a while. Greener pastures itch needing a scratch perhaps?

Is something missing in your life and can not quite put your finger on it?

You need time spent in a personal garden. It can not be bought, it does not come from a store. It does not involve a medical procedure to look younger, prettier. Although eating better, loosing weight and getting fit, not just trim could help right? It is not something achieved without a new mental outlook and approach you hammer out because it is your life. Not the talking head’s life who is trying to sell you something.

But depression, apathy from wall to wall negative news of horrendous crimes plastered day after day on the newsprint, airwaves takes it toll.

You, me, we are sponges. Testing off the scale for message radiation sickness. That we can not avoid. And the relief is not treat yourself to something you don’t need. It may be fear, worry, anxiety just taking its toll. Helpless feelings of what can you do that really matters as only one person. These are the good old days twenty years from now, when you look back and think how much easier, simple it was. All in the perspective and taking one day at a time to make subtle changes in your life. It is your life right the way you want it to be going, heading?

Maine, simple outdoors natural beauty. Come sample ME.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker