Eating Right, Thinking Right, Two Essentials For A Maine Farm Survival.
Living Healthier Means Spiritually, Physically, Mentally Sharp As A Tack. Or Working To Be. Aware That It All Starts With You.

Food vitamin, mineral supplements, does your bathroom medicine cabinet look well stocked with the A to Z?

Supplements to promote stronger bones, better eye vision. Nutrients to nearly fountain of youth extend your life. Almost. In some reported, documented cases “they” say.

Growing up on a Maine farm it was preached if you ate the abundance of fresh vegetables, home grow food served each meal, you were going to be in the pink.

Healthy as an ox. Pass those garden scallions in vinegar please. Coupled with cleaning out stinking thinking and adding in lots of daily exercise around the homestead with all the land swallowed it west of a small Maine town.

But I remember Durham cows Dad and Mom raised and in time some of the heifers, bulls developed a white muscle disease.

From lack of a trace element called selenium. Selenium is found in metal sulfide ores where it partially replaces sulfur. Doctor Newman showed how to inject selenium to get the cows back on their feet. Into the barn yard fun and breeding games again.

So it makes me think that if eating as much locally grown, close to home produced Maine food as possible, maybe selenium is missing. Not ending up down the gullet, hatch. In the foodstream of our feedbag. Selenium can be destroyed in food production, lost before making it to the Maine dinner table. So here is more on Selenium and foods rich in it.

On the Maine farm mineral licks cured the selenium deficiency in the cow’s diet. Not thinking kerplopping a big, heavy square mineral supplement on the home kitchen bar. Slurping, taking long tongue swipes with the morning coffee as I read the Bangor Deadly. With the zillion bottles of this and that being peddled sometimes everywhere you turn. With the earnest desire of a snake oil salesman’s scare tactics about you heading to an early grave if you don’t pop a few. With charm and concern, suggesting downing the daily requirement of selenium could not hurt right? If done in moderation.

Eldest brother Stephen’s refrigerator has always looked like a home vitamin locker.

Not much room for food. Rows, bags, boxes of supplements. A big believer in vitamns. Eagle eyed about nutrition for years. Monitoring what he takes religiously. And big on vitamin education, advances. Anything out there that explains why this is good, too much of that is bad. Have to hit him up next conversation about selenium, his stance, what he knows about it.

What vitamin do you swear by, what nutrient can you stand up and honestly tell the room it made a whiz bang difference in your life? Once you started popping a few each day.

Maine, big state, we are all connected in a neat way because way way less of us populate Vacationland.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker