Sounds Like A Krispy Kreme Donut, Cruller, Sweet Snack Or Porch Furniture.
Sugar Gliders, Small, Quick, Caught With Cool Whip

Sugar glider, sounds like something good to eat from Krispy Kreme.

Maybe a screened or glass Maine home porch swing that moves pretty smoothly for afternoon naps or evening chats. A sugar glider is an animal that I thought at first was described as more of a flying squirrel. And I know from experience you do not want squirrels, chipmunks no matter how cute Alvin, Theodore or Simon are in your Maine home, lake camp. Can you say destructive? Sure you can, I knew you could.

Sugar Gliders, Take Two They Are Small, For Pets Video.

A friend of my son’s says sugar gliders love whipped creme.

That Cool Whip is one way to get them to come down out of high places. Or anywhere that you don’t want them to be. What you use to catch the very fast, sometimes crazy busy after a sugar snack high kicks in. Says sugar gliders can not resist the white sweet stuff. It is their coffee, smoke, bad habit. I asked if they are noisy and he said they kind of scream, don’t chirp. That a sugar glider is not wild about daylight, sleeps in a pouch, and has to have their nails trimmed. They are always moving when awake. Leaping here, there and you have to be quick like following a hockey puck during a spirited contest on a sheet of ice.

Wikipedia describes sugar gliders as flying possum. That they are native to Australia and Tasmania. They do look a lot like a bat crossed with a flying squirrel though. Looking for an out of the ordinary pet? No room for a horse, pony or something not as common as a cat or dog? Maybe a sugar glider is worth looking in to purchasing.

Had a fraternity brother at Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE) at the University of Maine in Orono who had a pet boa constrictor snake.

He would feed him mice from Kmart and the lump would remain for a while during digestion which made me think gee. Isn’t that special and always wondered how a snake would be much fun to have, care for. He eventually got out of the glass lighted cage that offered him the desert like heavy heat he needed. And ended up in the wall of the fraternity house and dying. With fruit flies and a strange smell letting all the brothers know what happened to the “pet” snake. Where he ended up after being MIA for a spell.

Helpful ideas about a pet for Christmas if the recipient will take care of it after the newness, honeymoon period expires. Don’t forget your local Maine animal shelters this Christmas for support donations, for adoptions. And my contention that your mixed breed cats and dogs, the Heinz 57 varieties looking for a forever home are hard to beat for companionship. Are a great living, loving gift.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker