Maine biking is one neat outdoor peddling recreational option to pass the time, to see Vacationland.

Maine Biking, Try The Casco Bay Ferry Ride From Portland to Peaks Island.
Until the next season rolls around for other healthy Maine living exercise options. You could bike Maine’s Acadia National Park to sample the nearly 50 miles of trails, discovering the many intricate granite bridges dedicated only to cyclists, hikers, horse drawn open carriages.

Or you could head to Portland Maine, the Pine Tree State’s largest city to bike around the Back Bay trail.

Taking a ferry ride to bike Maine’s Peaks Island. Witnessing the sights and sounds pedaling at your own leisurely pace around the perimeter roadway, the interior streets that have gradual easy hills. Population 843 but ballooning to 6000 in the summer months, Peaks Island is the largest handy to Portland Maine.

The Casco Bay ferry ride is short. The damage for you and your bike is $14. Perched a top your bike seat you will see some swanky, palatial Maine homes of the rich and famous. Past and present. Complete with lots of spacing and tremendous ocean views along with the sound of surf waves pounding the rock ledge outcroppings along the Maine shore line.

Pack a Maine picnic lunch.

Go off road, through some interior vegetative pathways to bike the long dark interior in the rough. To see the old World War Two Battery Steele concrete bunker to add variety to the Maine biking day trip experience.

The interior of Peaks Island is grid worked with hilly, twisting, winding short streets. The Maine island homes here more cottage like similar construction builds. More often than not shoulder to shoulder close. Up close and personal. Simple Maine vacation homes without the polarized, unique shape glass. Missing the gazebos, immense flower gardens, landscaping and elaborate stone walls, outdoor winding stairways.

The new construction Peaks island Maine homes here taking up a very small, conservative footprint but often multi story high. Seemingly from this Maine real estate broker’s hunch, gut feeling that it is by design to not block the view for others behind the new home in front or to the side of existing structures. Or to comply with strict property lot side line set backs for new home construction.

Peaks Island biking is an easy, highly scenic outing and make sure to bring your camera.

To capture cruise ships at sunset leaving Portland Harbor. The flock of smaller sail boats plying the waters. And a glimpse of Bug Lighthouse, protecting the waves around the collection of Maine islands just off the Portland Maine harbor entrance. Bug Light, one of roughly sixty eight Maine lighthouses broadcasting news of the rock bound Vacationland coastline dangers, perils to any and all passing by seaward travelers.

Seeing Maine atop of bike seat. With or without a motor. Get here quick as you can. And remember, stop fooling yourself. One week in Maine is not going to be enough once she gets into your system. And becomes a life long habit. A healthy addiction you teach, pass on to the next generation for never fade memory making.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker