Are Your Insides Matching Your Outsides. Smiling Inside Too?
Happy Campers, Maine Has More Of Them. Make The Vacation Trip.

The you that John Q Public sees, thinks they know, does your outside match your inside?

If you are busy making a living, raising a family, trying to squeeze in a vacation now and then. To make sure to get to church, say your prayers, count your blessings, maybe the inside of you still does not match the outside everyone else sees.

The person you talk to in the mirror each morning brushing your teeth… do they have a little black box that you are not so sure what is inside? Have you learned the combination to that history recorder or do you want to? Or does it matter? Have you ripped off the rear view mirror and moved on from anything painful in your past? Or are you stuck, waiting, wondering on the inside while the outside world rushes by?

Events, experiences, relationships that happen to all of us help shape the DNA we are born with.

And everyone goes through life differently. Values, beliefs, traditions. Gleaning a lot or a little depending on how open their heart is. Or considering how easy it is to change old ideas you held near and dear. But that no longer work and need discarding. Revamping, overhaul. It is okay to change your mind. But fear that re-examination of everything we all filter through our senses could make some tired. That is a lot of work. But maybe surrender is where the peace comes from, stays for a healthy, happier life. For a rock solid foundation to build something that lasts, endures, grows deeper.

When you spend time in Maine, the great wide open space, less people to bump in to means you get in touch with you.

The one that may have been on hold due to other pressing matters. Many that have wrapped up. Others that were not so pressing when you really sit down and take inventory of what is important, really matters in your life. Maine, a place to become a happier camper.

Don’t put off visiting Maine. Start the process of the inside work. That is needed to match up with your outside the rest of the world sees, knows. Maine, find your place in the space of Vacationland. Come for more than lobster, to see a Maine lighthouse or roam the wild life infested woods.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker