Celebrate Birthdays, All Ages Of The Ones In Your Family... Not Just Kids.
Birthday Parties... Don't Just Reserve Them For Kids. Then Quit.

Life has blue sky and sunny, cloudless days and well, ones where the weather is a little stiffer, rugged.

But through it all, your family is on the same roller coaster ride. And basking together in the loving warmth through joyful celebration times. Licking wounds, recovering, healing from painful setbacks. Like when you lose a member of the family that was special, missed like a hole in your heart.

Family is important to preserve, protect. Because we’re fortunately stuck with each other. Or get adopted by another one if the one you have is not so warm and friendly. Yet.

Was lucky to be invited to a birthday party of my secretary’s mom.

Everyone likes to eat cake and socialize with friends of a family at a birthday party. But unlike the kid ones with the too tight plastic elastic that holds the colored pointed hat on, the party to celebrate a seventy five year milestone is a life long recollection. From family, friends, past co-workers and employees who all share an event, experience that the birthday boy or girl were part of in their life.

Come On, You’re Invited To Vera Butler’s Surprise Birthday Party Video.

Some folks don’t like you to know their age, would like to just forget another birthday signaling being another year old. As the life odometer rolls to another higher notch. But you come to a point where you don’t dread but embrace. And realize relationships are the most important thing to cherish, preserve, protect. Age develops wisdom for all of us. And in life as you get freed up of day to day raising kids, when they leave the nest, your perception improves. Clarity happens.

It starts with your family, the folks that have been around since you were knee high to a grasshopper.

And are slowly right on schedule dying off. But with parties, open porch get togethers and family reunions, those memory making moments never fade. I am lucky to have three older brothers, their families that care about me and vice versa. Don’t neglect, forget your family. And find someone to be part of yours and you theirs.

Maine, big state, less people, more old fashioned small town values. There is a place still like that, the way life should be.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker