You Have Hidden Talents, Abilities, Skills, A Life Purpose.
Improve, Learn Your Shape In Maine, Be More, Feel Better.

No matter what life experiences you go through, it is always how you use those events to make your life, that of those around you better.

Sorrow, pity wastes the day. Serves no worthwhile purpose. You and I have talents, abilities, and your life has a purpose. Consider it all joy.

There are no hopeless situations; there are only people who have grown hopeless about them.

Are you a feelings driven person or someone who thinks, ponders, arrives at conclusions slowly, carefully?

And then acts on the course best suited that matches the choices in the situation at hand? Recognize your talents, skills, purpose even if those you love do not. Learn your unique abilities, especially the ones hidden, dormant, not stretched or developed.

Sometimes It’s A Simple Case Of Start Living, Or Start Dying.

Be glad people come in more than thirty one flavors. That they are different than you and me. Embrace those differences, don’t consider them liabillities. Or hold them back. Accept another person’s insecurities, love them more for them when you see their struggle to improve. That they need your help and you can offer them a hand, shoulder to lean on. We need each other. Recognize your limitations, keep coloring within the lines. See God’s plan for your life.

Maybe you are over due for a “life review”.

Open up your heart, make the time to look deep within yourself. Something you will like, will surprise you. Other darkness, thorns will help explain the shape you have. Where you need improvement. God can empower you to be more, live healthier, and do great things for those around you. Don’t just exist, coast, be apathetic or self centered. Live outside yourself and open your eyes, ears, heart and soul. Make your life fruitfull. Avoid exaggerations, resist comparisions between other people and yourself.

Make the most with what you have been given to work with. Discover your many hidden talents, your self worth that might be a little low. Develop your potential that you are loaded with but maybe blind to see and realize. I have learned to remember, always keep my eyes on my own paper. To work at changing me for the better, not worrying about where others need adjustment. I can only change me.

Keep a spiritual journal, don’t waste any peaks, valleys, twists or turns you are taken through. Glean, squeeze out the knowledge, learn more about yourself in the process. Get on, stay on your knees and looking up for direction, much needed guidance.

Maine is a great place for the space you need to do this. Beautiful surroundings, friendly people but not overpopulated. Spread out and not jammed in. Get here quick as you can.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker