Loons Make Music On A Maine Lake.
God Gave You Five Senses...Use Them All In A Blend In Maine.

Music is communication, not just through the words or lyrics.

But the beat, the melody, harmony. And with music videos you get to see the people, musicians move and groove, shuck and jive.

One song that has been around awhile that sticks in my head, stands out as refreshingly different is by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.

Catchy, unique and fresh in it’s honest, not spun or slick approach. You can tell the group are friends, not studio musicians brought together for a few gigs or promotional appearances.

They have fun, you can see joy in the female lead singer who is excited, full of contentment and the love between she and the male singer is obvious. Nothing is playing for the blinking red light on the camera and the two are lost in the music. Who would not want to be in that place. You are when you find the music that fits where you are in your life.

Here is a KCRW studio live performance of the song “Home”.

To have everything you need, to be home. Where ever two people who love each other are…they feel they are comfortable, they are heading home.

Maybe there were storms, set backs, but overall sunshine, blue skies and love conquers all is not a bad scenario to strive for when you find the right person to spend the rest of your life with. That is brought in to your life for a reason.

Maybe difficult, hurt, bruised people are coupled for a reason.

And with work, pray, surrender, both figure they are better for it. Share the thought they both got the better end of the partnership. Each got more than they deserved.

To perfect and polish each other through the trials and tribulations, ups and downs. Maine, less people, more outdoor beauty and peace. Become a better person, more relaxed in Maine.

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