When you live in Maine the lifestyle is pretty simple.

The people are not, but the day to day is.

Grateful Simple Living, Comes From An Awareness, Appreciation.
Cobalt Blue Skies In Maine Over Head.
Why? Not complicated with trying to impress. Or putting material goods higher than family, local community tradition and your neighbor that might need a helping hand. Maine is not stuck inside either. Pretty much tied to the outdoors where you can figure, sort out what’s really important.


Because you may find yourself blessed with greater luck.

The natural four leaf kind or flavor you make yourself with hard work. Having more of something than the fellow down the street does. So you share, reach out and help because you can. Because it is right. He would and has done the same in reverse.

The basics.

You live in Maine, a rural setting and your home has lots of improvements. Or is a total creation of your own sweat, effort, creative passion. The wood you burn to heat it, keep the family warm is often from your own Maine land. Or family woodlot. Gathered in from wooded land or delivered tree length to the back yard. Then, slowly cut up, to fit your stove or furnace. And split, stored. Ready for another winter heating season.

The food we eat in Maine. You know where it comes from, the majority of it planted by you and the kids. Tended, hoed, weeded when the sun is high over head during the summer. Harvested in the fall. Stored for the months of layers of snow on the ground over a Maine winter. Sampled as it becomes ripe off the vine before that.

Meat from a cow named Sirloin or Chuck, Burger Boy.

Double yolk orange large eggs from laying hens in a coop out back. One protected from foxes. Money problems…not so much. Because money is not the end all, not so depended upon with a Maine country lifestyle. Removed on purpose, the price of admission to rural Maine involving a lower pay scale. But a rich life setting to raise your family in and assurance that practical values will be instilled in those kids.

Self sufficiency, standing on your own two feet. Whining less, working harder. Teaching your kids the same course in life. My youngest son, the last of four used the expression “first world problem” over the Christmas break. He and I were in a conversation and he caught himself. Explaining his lament was a “first world problem”. Examples of First World Problems.

In a third world, where you might not know where your next meal is coming from for you, your family. Where seamless exploitation happens every change of political regimes. New dictator, same old treatment of full throttle oppression. Medical problems but no one seems to care. Life is not so valuable, precious as you and I in this country are accustom to in America.

The ability to speak your mind. Heck blog on any topic under the rainbow, beneath the stars shining brightly on a velvet black sky. Without worry of a knock on the door, being wisked away for offending someone. For thinking freely, openly expressing what could be a contrary view point.

Mainers have their heads screwed on straight.

Have it figured out, are grounded. Keep life simple on purpose. Being as self sufficient as possible. Home grown not store bought. Real, honest, un-spun, unplugged. Is this what you are looking for or enjoying now?

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker