When you are in your right place, love where you live in the upper right hand corner of the country in a rural state like Maine, you don’t keep it a secret.

Blogging about the Maine lifestyle, approach to living day to day is easy and necessary. In a world of helter skelter, chasing the dollar and maybe some of the wrong “carrots”, what really matters needs airing. To promote a simpler way of life that is healthier, natural, well… Maine

Maine, Outdoor Natural, Simple Video, Visit ME Minute Video

The blinders come on when you actually live in Maine. Blog about the local community events, spirit and deep sense of family, outdoors, hard work and what makes Maine, the Pine Tree State really shine. As you try to whittle out the definition of Maine, what the experience, adventure all boils down to, you can forget then suddenly realize it is not like this many other places.

So like sitting down to the piano, using just one finger to blog post about Maine.

Images, just photos of Maine can begin to paint the landscape on a blank, white mental canvas if you have never been to sample parts of ME. Then you bring in the video of outdoor natural Maine to breath life in to the pictures. Showing friendly folks, volunteering to put on local Maine events all over Vacationland. Videos of what we do for fun in Maine are simple, yet powerful if what the viewer sees is painfully lacking in their urban, city setting now.

We remind readers of the MeInMaine blog posts that folks here are a little crusty, a tad outspoken but fiercely home town proud, community minded.

We suggest learning how to wave, smile, to be friendlier when you cross over the Maine state line. Also that summer is not our only worthwhile season, that in winter Mainer’s are not popsicles. Maine is four seasons. Maybe someone in the audience did not get the memo about Maine’s weather, climate, topography. A Maine winter is not for hibernating, shivering or staying on a couch, killing time surfing television channels.

The MeInMaine blog author avoids Bangor Daily News editorials that can be toxic, sharp tongued, demeaning and just serve to tear down one really great state. Maybe the punching, poking is somehow designed to sell more copies of the Maine newspaper. But the reader is left with a sense of what is the state doing wrong now with a steady pick, pick, pick flow of negative venom.

Maine blogs I follow, enjoy include My Corner of Maine, the Maine.info blog post collection, Maine Networked blog posts, and Maine Today blog posts.

Thank you for follow our MeInMaine blog posts.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker