Meet Your New Maine Four Legged Neighbor.
Maine, Full Of Wildlife, You See, Share The Woods With.

Walking, hiking, cross country and down hill swish swish with the skis, Maine is four seasons of recreation.

Maine is lots of never ending outdoor excercise. Exploring, working the land, in the woods. So the idea of joining a gym to get more excercise, any work out routine to get in shape always strikes me strange.

I spent the afternoon following the blazed property lines around a 166 acres of Maine land with a waterfalls in Moro Plantation, not far from Mt Katahdin, Baxter Park.

Five hours up and down, exploring the Maine woods, lay of the land, condition of the timber stand.

In places, the drop to one corner line was over 100 feet on the Maine woodlot.

Startled a couple game birds, saw signs of Maine deer and moose. Enjoyed a water falls of a river. And thought how lucky I am to live in Maine. Stumbled on to a Maine moose pictured above. Don’t need a stairmaster, treadmill. The scenery in the woods, on the Maine river is way way more exciting than the four walls of the inside a gym.

Working the land, splitting heating wood, Maine is an excercise routine. A lifestyle where you don’t hire it out, you do it yourself. It is secondary gain in everything we do. Joy in getting the job done right. Yourself.

The work is done complete with the satisfaction from the effort that’s our own.

Hiring out in Maine is not the norm. Being a jack of all trades is. Just the way it works in Vacationland.

Self sufficient, being capable and developing new skills is what survival in a rural state like Maine is all about. Being empowered, hands on, on the front lines. Maine, is it like that where you live now?

Here in Maine it is not about the money.

Living in Maine is about the experiences. White water rafting the Penobscot, Dead, Kennebec Rivers. Down hill skiing Sugarloaf, Sunday River, other smaller snow covered mountains. Maine, get here quick as you can.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker