Simple Living In Maine.
Small Maine Towns Are Big Hearted, The Local Volunteers Make Them Special.

Outdoor living in Maine means back yards are not just for show and get used, enjoyed.

This weekend an apple cider press was working hard to create some liquid nectar. Oldest son Alex borrowed the press from a friend’s mom who said it was left at their home when they puchased it.

Over the years this apple cider press has been put in to action to raise money for worthy local causes. And for just pure refreshment with home grown, healthy local fruit free for the picking. Lots of apples from trees planted by Alex’s grandparents were part of the press ingredients. But a neighbor’s tree behind our home got in on the act too.

Filling the apple press hopper and grinding the apples in to mash first, then pressing to squeeze the juice means many hands make light work. Talking while you are working. And right on schedule, making apple cider pressing part of an early fall ritual.

Living in Maine means being outdoors all four seasons.

Enjoying the bounty, the harvest of fruits, local vegetables we raise in gardens, on local Maine farms.

The food, beverages you enjoy, do you know where they come from? What is in the substances you munch on, sip? We do in Maine.

Maine is a local food basket of nutritious food stuffs. It is easy to forget how lucky we are to be able to eat out of our productive gardens. To tap in to pantries of canned, preserved food that were created with our own hands, as families all contributing to the operation.

Food, it is pretty addictive.

About three times a day at least, we all need fuel for the body.

Do you raise your own and enjoy knowing it is all natural, all local? This time of year as Maine potato farmers kick in to harvest mode, the winter’s supply of spuds is only a field away. Harvesters cover a lot of potato ground, but leave many golden spuds in the field free for gleaning.

Potato field foraging is part of the a fall habit in Maine. And when you have three barrels of potatoes stored in a cooler root cellar setting, those spuds help out the family food budget. Plus you know where they came from, what you are eating, who grew it for you.

Simple living, back to basics. Do you hear Maine calling your name? It starts out in a whisper and then cranks louder to get your attention of what is missing where you live now in the city, urban areas.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker