Maine, Clean Water Are Just Two Words To Described It.
Maine, Water Is Just a Given For Recreation, Personal Consumption

Every so often the Maine real estate caller we connect, engage with asks about water rights, the supply of H2O in Vacationland.

Have to smile and explain water may be scarce, in tight supply where they live now on the revolving blue and green marble. But it is not like that in Maine.

Water, well for starters Maine has 2500 lakes, ponds and another 1000 rivers, streams. So water being in short supply is not a condition you will feel in Maine. We kayak, white water raft, swim, ski. Land our planes with pontoons on the Maine waterfront. We enjoy the views whether on the Maine oceanfront or at sunrise, sunset on a Maine lake. And the water rights to the water are yours, run with the property like the rest of the minerals.

As for wells we drill for our Maine households, plenty of clean natural water the norm, standard in that department too.

And the “straw” in to the Maine ground with metal steel casing for 14 feet, then drilled in to solid ledge are not hundreds and hundreds of feet “all the way to China” well depths either.

What we see in our Maine real estate dog and pony trotting around the countryside is 35, 50 gallons of water flow per minute at 60, 70 feet kind of depth statistics or better.

Have a brother in Boxford MA and his well is over 700 feet deep. Yikes. That deep deep well in Massachusets north of Boston has some issues. And lots of filtering to clean up this, tweak out that mineral deposit happens with expensive equipment performing the operation. I have never heard of wells that deep in this area of Maine. And regardless of the depth, there is lots of good quality water and capacity supply to boot. Nice combination.

Maybe they have to drill further because too many straws from all those people poked in to the ground like a mosquito looking for a liquid lunch. Or maybe we are just lucky to have plenty of clean, fresh water to drink, or to play on in Maine.

Talked to a fellow last week who had a Maine water well drilled and because another friend down the road needed one, he got the two for one special.

Did not think to quiz, ask him if the day the Maine water well holes were poked in the ground was a Tuesday or not.

But $2800 was the damage for his personal Maine water supply for his brand new well with the ten day plates tacked to the stem of above ground casing.

Wake up, get dreaming in Maine. The water is just one more ingredient that makes the surroundings of Vacationland special. Come meet the people and other reasons that make Maine the way life should be.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker