Rolling Farms, Maine Woodlots, Waterfront Natural Landscapes Is What You See.
Happen To Have An Extra Apple Or Carrot On You ?

Small rural community living in a state like Maine. Famous, well known for folks helping out, reaching out to others.

You’re heading to the store so you call a shut in and ask if he or she needs anything. That you can pick up, drop off because it’s right on the way. You are going to try to save them a trip.

Part of the reason for the call, inquiry is to save money, be frugal which Mainer’s are famous for and why we are the 46th lowest state for foreclosure, short sale, repossession.

We also don’t just stick to ourselves and go our own way in Maine.

No shutting out others happens when you live in Maine. A place where there is a strong community spirit. Maine, where folks wave, make eye contact, toot their horn, hold doors open and are connected.

Jumper cables for the battery under your car, pick up or SUV hood when the juice is gone, it goes flat. We all carry them, stop to see if we can help a vehicle parked along the road or with the hood up signalling the white flag is waving. The “stop and help them” neon light comes on in our heads when you live in Maine. That could have been you needing a jump. No need to spend money for triple A roadside assistance when you live in Maine.

Someone does a good deed but won’t take money, compensation or let the favor be returned. So you make an extra pie, those killer cinnamon rolls, or pick some flowers. Drop off some fresh vegetables or fruit from your garden, the local Maine farmers market. You will get them back in some way and don’t forget their random act of kindness.

Maybe Mainers help each other because there are fewer of us to “row the boat”. Or because we are more content, happier living here in Maine due to our beautiful natural surroundings. Maybe we are raised watching our parents reach out to those around them.

A carry over of helping the neighbor down the road get the crop in, building a Maine farm barn.

With the help in return guaranteed. Sure to come back in the same manner, the identical neighborly manner when you live in Maine. Where we need, know, support each other. And are connected in a very good way. Maine is the way life should be.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker