Maine, Your New Neighbor Probably Has Four Legs.
Nothing Clears Your Head Like A Trip, Time Spent In The Real Maine.

Click your heels, move your feet and get to Maine.

The Maine images from Baxter Park, around Mt Katahdin make you realize that man does amazing things, but Mother Nature, God out class, out perform hands down. If you have never camped outdoors in Maine next to a wilderness lake, you have not a clue, idea of the experience you are missing out on. Said with Ricky Bobby all due respect and candor.

When you are in a setting like Baxter State Park, the neighbors are few but always four legged.

You are out of your comfort zone and thrust in to something beautiful, natural, real, unspoiled. It is in these many places that a rural state like Maine offers that you can really think. Figure out how life works, what is important. And when you share it with your family, introducing them to the outdoor Maine experience of hiking, appreciation and respect for our natural resources, everything fits. You get it. A simple ah ha moment. One right after another. And you will be back for more. You will not be able to stay away from Maine.

I’m going to pipe down now. Climb down, get off the boy am I lucky, grateful my family and I live in Maine soapbox, bandwagon. And let the pictures, photos, images do the talking. These are only snap shots. Like a sliver, a tiny fragment, chip off the real thing. Add some sound, make the image wrap around your head 360 degrees and swivel. Careful, your jaw is dropping, you are starting to drool. We lost you there for a minute.

Happens to everyone the first time out to the less traveled, remote nooks and crannies of Maine.

Like someone just put a mask over your face. Pumped some pure oxygen in to your system. Making you weak in the legs. To go wobbly in the knees until you adjust. Get your bearings. And suddenly everything gets crystal clear, extremely vivid. More in focus than you have ever seen, heard, felt, realized before you traveled across the state border in to Maine. Wake up, start your dream.

Maine, get here quick as you can. See a Maine moose, capture a shot of two of a lighthouse, have a piece of native grown fresh in season blueberry pie. Meet the wildlife, talk to the down to earth friendly people. Relax, you are in Vacationland. See a Maine moose getting closer, closer and not phased in the least that you are camping in his backyard.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker