Land Speed World Trial Races In Limestone Maine, Moose Loose Would Not Be Good.
The 2.5 Mile Long Loring Air Force Base Runway Better Be Moose Free For Land Speed Trial Races.

Going very fast, see world records made on land speed races at Loring Air Force Base in Limestone Maine July 15 through the 17th in Aroostook County.

This summer’s land speed record trials in Northern Maine are year three. With over 150 North American cars and motorcycles gathered together for high speed competitions. If you were on board for the 2010 Land Speed Races at Loring Air Force Base In Limestone you saw a motorcyle attempt the first ever 300 miles per hour record.

The former runway for B-52 and other American airplanes at this air force base facility is 2.5 miles long. And known around the racing circuits as the perfect spot on earth to set world land speed records.

Watch racers in Northern Maine go very very fast and witness history in the land speed trials being made front and center.

Nothing planned this weekend and car all gassed up to head up Interstate 95 for something new and different, exciting? Head to Limestone Maine’s Loring Air Base. More details on the 2011 Maine Land Speed Races at the former LAFB in Limestone.

Other entertainment options for the weekend too with Maine blues, celtic music festivals too. Maine, way way more than light houses, lobsters, potato fields and Mt Katahdin. Come see what you are missing.

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