Till, Plant, Cultivate And Harvest Using Maine Farm Soil.
Maine Farms, Wide Open Beautiful And Low Cost.

Sliding out of bed, throwing on some barn clothes and heading out to feed, water the Maine farm animals.

Early morning is the best time of day, unless you stayed up too late the night before. The Maine farm critters needing grain, hay and some fresh water because they drink but don’t drive a lot. Thirsty from walking around the farm fields, up and down hill and dale.

Ever thought of owning your little spread of land, a patch of dirt, some wooded sections in Maine? To have an old Maine farm house. Or to purchase Maine land, a parcel of property and build your own buildings one by one? It’s not crazy.

At one time not long ago, 96% of us in this great country were farmers.

Not much money but well fed, exercised and pretty crafty at many trades. Master of none. But still a real Jack willing to roll up your sleeves and try your hand at carpentry, plumbing, electrical, welding or whatever the need was on a Maine farm. Like keeping that old tractor running, plowing and tilling up the fertile soil.

I am sure glad I was raised on a Maine farm. It made me closer to my parents who worked side by side. I got to know them better. Was taught more from them in lessons learned day in and out. Because they were not off at an office building many miles away. But all of us on the Maine farm. Working to maintain buildings, plant and havest crops. Whatever it took to stay on that Maine farm.

Farmers markets in Maine on the increase as folks want close to home, fresh produce. That is not genetically altered, not gassed with poisons to make it last the long haul from wherever it came from to be placed on the family dinner table.

Let’s talk about owning some Maine land, maybe a farm with your name on the title deed.

Or if you want us to leave you alone, just be able to browse with out any pesky real estate salesperson, agent or broker bother you, wander over in to the Maine farms video aisle. Watch, listen and then ask lots of questions about this new lifestyle you are considering on a Maine farm. I think it is a great idea.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker