Taking A Break On A Maine Lake.
Fun Under The Sun, On The Maine Waterfront.

If you are lucky enough to be on the water, own something next to a Maine lake, stream, river, ocean, this Memorial Day weekend will be a busy one.

If you live outside of Maine, there is no doubt a hurry scurry to get packed, head to the waterfront property. To get the camp or cottage opened up for family and friends with fingers crossed. Hoping for sunshine and warm weather with a slight breeze dialed in for good measure. To enhance that Maine summer holiday. Planning to grill something that goes well with home made potato salad, fresh Maine blueberry, strawberry rhubbarb pie. Or steaming a Maine lobster, peck of clams with a garden fresh salad.

Leisure, vacation time or maybe retirement at this Maine waterfront property is part of a balanced life. Work that satisfies, brings in the bread, pays the bills is all well and good. But time to sit in a deck chair and stare.

Out over the Maine waterfront, where the loons sing and entertain.

Fish jump, tease. Ducks quack quack paddle by. Where no two sunsets or sunrises are the same as you reflect. Enjoy a coffee or cold drink. Life, how is yours going and stepping outside of it for a long Maine summer weekend is healthy. You think of your parents doing the same holiday when you were a kid. How your kids will repeat what you show them with those grand kids.

Holidays, not just Christmas or New Years with presents, eating too much and staying up too late to mess up your regular routine. Family and friends need to have you available and what better back drop then a Maine waterfront property to help you with the transition of being a Little Red Hen efficient to throw on some shorts, a t shirt and consider going kayaking, fishing, swimming. Warning, a Maine waterfront property is another place to take care of. But the puttering, work involved can be rewarding.

Fires nightly, the sunlight causing a million diamond shape bright sparkles of flickering light off the water are just what the doctor ordered. Relax, have a seat, get off the treadmill and fill your lungs with Maine fresh air.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker