If I could only live in Maine full time, if I could get the other half to move to Vacationland, etc.

Hear those heavy sighs, regrets, laments every day. The attraction is the many sides of Maine from rugged rock bound coastal scenes with lighthouses, freshly caught lobster and steamed clams. Or the thousands of acres of Maine woods to explore, or being on the water of our many lakes, ponds, rivers. Less people and more elbow room are a big attraction of Maine.

But the best things you remember, that grab your attention, your heart and never let go in Maine is the long long list of what we don’t have here in the Pine Tree State. No traffic, no gangs, 4th lowest crime state status in the country. The lack of light pollution so you see millions, billions of stars on a night sky of black velvet.

Lack of high prices, lots of zeroes in our Maine real estate property price tags.

Our fun is no or low cost. You won’t need a lot of money here to live day to day. We don’t play the “impress and woo” with money “look at me, better than you” dog and pony in Maine.

People that ignore you don’t in Maine.

You don’t find unfriendly here.

A nod, wave, smile happens in Maine. Not being snubbed, avoided or mentally air brushed out of the picture frame. Folks care about you. You feel it instantly wash over you, tension lifted. When you cross the New Hampshire, Quebec, New Brunswick border. And you can relax, push the seat back a notch or two and take a little slower breath of fresh Maine air.

Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, Broker
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