Winter Outdoor Recreation Is Fun If You Are Dressed Warmly.
Help For Low Income Maine Households With Heating Assistance Of Average $553 This Year.

The trips to the Maine family woodlot to collect the winter’s fuel source was a fall tradition.

Loading up a farm truck with five to six cords of woods was a habit many had in Maine when the price of heating oil soared. Lots of work to heat with wood from cutting trees, sawing up to the length of your furnace or kitchen end heater. And transportation, unloading, restacking in the cellar.

But good feeling like a squirrel that had his nuts, food stored for the winter.

“All set” feeling of ready for winter.

This year in Maine low income households can expect an average of $553 in heating fuel assistance. Maine Housing director Dale McCormack says 64,000 households expected to receive heating help. It comes thru the federal government’s Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program. Or when the mouth full shortened, LIHEAP.

This year’s Maine heating assistance is below last winter’s average helping hand payout of $884 per eligible household. In Maine this winter, 28 million dollars in LIHEAP funds are budgeted for winter heating for the low income households scattered around Vacationland. Combining other Maine state funding, a total of 32 million dollars is available for low income Maine household heating assistance to help take the chill out of the winter air.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers