Maine Woodlots Can Have Lower Property Tax Bills With The Tree Growth Program Enrollment
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You have a woodlot in Maine, land that has timber growing on it like tree farming.

But not the Christmas tree kind of farming where small seedlings are planted one thousand or twelve fifty to the acre in grid fashion by man.

We talking at least ten acres of land to qualify for the Maine tree growth tax law program with mixed species, whatever the wood lot condition, age, condition from past timber cuts.

A Maine forestry growth management forestry plan is drawn up by a licensed forester. Before you put the land in to the tree growth program, to lower your property taxes significantly, remember that it is a long time program. And to remove it from that program represents severe penalties in paying back the state of Maine subsidy in the tax reduction for your Maine woodlot. Maine Tree growth rates are established by the state tax assessors, county by county.

Maine tree growth tax law, the program is a tax reducer but remember pulling the woodlot you own out will be costly in the wallet. And it is a good idea to except and reserve an acre out of that tree growth program in Maine. So if you want to build, that acre spot, the land for the house, camp will not trigger any penalties to reinmburse the state of Maine thru the muncipality where the property is located. Maine, get here quick as you can, own some.

I’m Maine REALTOR, Broker Andrew Mooers