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The logic expression “you are what you eat” also spills over in to “you are where you live” here in Maine.

Your day to day surroundings have a total impact on your joy and success in your life. And how much difference you make in the lives of others. Maine is a neat backdrop to “be all you can be” because much of the way we live is simple, easy, healthy.

For example, if you live in a concrete urban jungle, much of your energy spent with concern, worries involving personal safety and making ends meet with high over head cost of living. That makes you old, sour, tired. In Maine, we are the 4th lowest crime state. There are no gangs, no bad neighborhoods to steer around or stop signs to roll through in areas riddled with crime. Remove one major stressor, worry when you move, relocate, retire to Maine.

Second, the bluer than blue clean skies, the wide open space and not feeling hemmed in, jammed bumper to bumper helps you be able to relax. To be aware of the four seasons, the outdoor beauty around you here in Maine. The natural resources, 6000 lakes and unspoiled waterways for example are here to enjoy.

Maine, Not crowed, not noisy, not commercial. Unspoiled, no cost four season recreation.

Like being on vacation everyday. Maybe that is one reason our Maine license plates have “Vacationland” stamped on them. As a reminder of how lucky we are, what it is like to be right in the middle of the way life should be here in Maine.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers