Raised To Work On Local Maine Potato Farms.
One Potato, Two Potato...

As a kid, I went on a lot of trailer truck trips out of Northern Maine.

My dad owned eight trucks used to ship Maine potatoes he grew, shipped to city produce markets. Truck trips to Boston MA, New York City NY and Hartford CT produce markets. Driving most of the night to be at the markets early in the morning to get unloaded, back to Houlton Maine.

After helping unload the trailer full of Maine potatoes, something good to eat at a truck stop was food that tasted extra good. Usually an extra bag of potatoes were left over after the unloading. Because the trucks from all over the country carrying produce from their home states were at the market, trading left off, extra bags was fun.

Often a trailer truck from Florida was the choice to swap with.

A fresh net bag of oranges, grapefruits was a fair trade with the Maine potato bag being offered.

The trip to and from market, seeing other trucks at stops for fuel, to eat was a travel adventure for a young boy from Northern Maine.

Transportation is the second largest employer in this country and my experience has been trailer truck drivers are professionals of the road. Sometime blamed for accidents when stopping 100,000 pound of truck and freight is not accomplished on a dime. To avoid someone text messaging or on a cell phone that swerves in the way of an eighteen wheeler.

The truck trips back to Maine meant stopping in Wakefield, Medford MA for loads of french fry paper cartons. The back haul of freight helped off set the fuel, expenses of the truck trip. Dad has purchased ICC rights to be able to have the authority to haul the cartons.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers