Beautiful Potato Digger Using Horses.
Beautiful Potato Digger Using Horses.

Fall harvest, picking potatoes, packing a lunch, heading to the fields early in the morning in Northern Maine.

Picking potatoes was every kid’s entry level job. The one where the kid buys his own winter jacket. Takes better care of it because he does.

Maine potato harvest means getting up in the dark. Listening to the local radio station to see if Farmer Bass, Smith, Fitzpatrick, Winship is picking today. When the harvester crew is suppose to show up ar Corey Farms. Studying the weather forecast. Putting on long underwear because you can see your breath as the sun rises. But by early afternoon, you’ll be peeled down to a t-shirt.

A Maine potato digger squealing by. Heck watch the video, head to the field.

Listen as the big brother calls his little brother, reminding him, inviting him to help him pick.

Maine, work ethic learned early on. During cool, breezy fall harvest of golden potatoes. Or raking blueberries, digging for Maine clams. The kids are better for it. The local farmers need their help too. Win, win situation.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers