Windy On This Maine Ridge With Generators
Windy On This Maine Ridge With Generators

Size in a Maine home matters when you have a growing family, a quivver of kids or gram, gramp living under the same house roof.

But when the children grow up, move out of the nest and you are not excited about heating, maintainting, paying insurance and Maine property taxes on a big massive multi story place, small is better. All you need.

Land in Maine is low cost, affordable and there are lots of smaller footprint, floorplan building plans to consider. A Mother Earth News home building article I read today outlines the benefits and considerations. Cathedral ceilings add sense of more space without a lot of added cost of Maine home construction.

More and more folks leaving the city, concrete urban jungles of crime, traffic, high cost of living are considering a Maine relocation, retirement, move. Maine is wonderful clean four season living.

With 6000 lakes, thousands of acres of unspoiled woods to roam, coastline to explore, trails to hike, snowsled, bike or atv. And all that Maine wildlife.

But you will love the long laundry list of what Maine does NOT have. Like 4th lowest crime, no traffic, very cheap low cost Maine real estate. Friendly but way way fewer in number people that care about you, their families, jobs, communities.

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