Pass The Hot Dogs And Vinegar French Fries Will Ya?
Pass The Hot Dogs And Vinegar French Fries Will Ya?

I wished my four kids had known the fun of going to the outdoor movie theatre, the Maine drive in.

Our closest one to Houlton Maine was the Borderland Drive In. There was the Cummings Theatre, an outdoor drive in in the Woodstock New Brunswick Canada area and the other one pretty handy was in Enfield, Maine.

This Maine movie theatre on the west side of the North Road, US Rt 1. Hidden from the road by low trees so you could not see the rows of parked cars. But from the the highway you could not miss the bigger than life actors as you slowed, drove by. Western mountain ranges, lots of horses, cattle and cactus.

And during the intermission of a double feature or before the first show started, dancing mouth watering hotdogs, candy, popcorn and happy beverage containers rotated, did a jig on the big silver outdoor movie screen. To entice, make you trot to the concession stand that was bathed in yellow light.

Had two of the heaviest spring loaded outdoor screen doors known to mankind too that made a snap with about an 80 pound torque.

The beginning show was preceded by the lights on, dancing food for fifteen minutes to sufficiently plant the seed you need hot dogs, hamburgers, clam baskets with vinegar sprinkled home made potato fries and onion rings kids. Work on your parents, the ones sitting on the wallet, with the pocketbook with money to buy them. The little brothers and sisters made use of the outdoor swings, slides and turn style rides in slippered pj’s in the night air. It was a big deal to go to the drive in with your friends, a date. Your family depending on your age and if it was still cool or not.

The end of the movie meant Lou Webber reminds you what was coming up for future film attractions. And to make sure you replaced your speaker, the tinny silver one on the end of a wire on to its matching white metal pole “saddle”.

It seems my three older brothers did not always remember and I found quite a collection over the machine shed at the farm I grew up on.

Not exactly high fidelity. And in later years a shift to sound transmitted thru the lower radio band took over. Helped keep the mosquitos out of the car that did the limbo to one by one squeeze in by the hanger of that tinny speaker.

Herman Moran, self appointed deputy sheriff want to be would be directing traffic with a moving flash light to make sure US Rt 1 was not a log jam. Or in grid lock causing accidents. So everyone could get home for the night without fanfare, a big production or delay. His civil defense training and road hazard yellow lights, motoring gear made the event seem more professional to a high school kid. Buck night and five dollar car night meant a few extras brought in to stretch our allowances for the week too. Still a few Maine drive in outdoor movie theatres too.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers


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