You Can Run, You Can Not Longer Hide Or Not Being Found On Line With Droid Phones.
You Can Run, You Can No Longer Hide Or Not Being Found On Line With Droid Phones.

On the run, crossing state lines, moving and shaking to get to Maine, anywhere.

We live in a mobile society. On a recent trip to Colorado I drove out with the youngest son to deliver him and a jeep to his second year of college. And climbed on a silver bird to return home.

At the airport, no need for a lap top to log on and check emails, post, stay connected with the new droid 3 and 4 G phones. Mini computers with slide out keyboard all fitting in the palm of your hands.

You can argue life is a blur, moving too fast and we are over connected. Or you can think of it as not missing a beat, being aware of others around us way way beyond the town limits.

Our lives are transparent, 24/7 live and in living color, full fluid motion tapping in to all our senses for a total experience.

The way it is or have an itch to go back in time. To resist and keep it simple, unconnected to others many zip codes away. With a mobile society, texting, emails are a way to track, stay in touch that fits, works. I really like my new Motorola Devour cell phone. It’s a toy that works fine and dandy. Until something better comes along, that technology allows, unlocks.

Droids, new cell phones and other devices to keep you mobile, wirelesss, untethered. Are you on board, in the swing of things?

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers