Maine Sunset, This Is Our HBO, Pay Per View.
Maine Sunset, This Is Our HBO, Pay Per View.

If you are stuck in traffic, wall to wall, bumper to bumper on say RT 128 outside Boston MA or the Bronx Expressway in New York City, you have plenty of time to think, fume, wish, hope, ponder your life. Where you spend it.

And if we all agree life is short, meant to be enjoyed, Maine is often the dream you visit while stuck wedged in tightly on those multi lane highways. And just sitting, not moving.

Big cities, bright lights, moving and grooving is exciting, a thrill a minute when you are younger. But with families, and realizing the life clock is ticking, Maine is a way way slower pace of life. Lower cost property here too. Crime is the same bargain basement and low low like car insurance, cost of living.

So many folks start out just ordering up a taste of Maine. Sampling just a small side property dish of the place called Vacationland, the Pine Tree State. The attraction is the less people, not crowded or spoiled natural resources. The distance you drive dictates how low cost that piece of Maine property is too. Maine is one big honking state (unfolding, paper rustling sound as map opens up, you study it a tad.)Aroostook County is the size of CT and RI alone with 11 people per square mile. New Jersey is populated with 1000 folks per that same square mile. Ditto the square, Alaska has one lone soul, human living in it.

Dreaming about Maine, being here when stuck there? Time’s a wasting. Grab your coat, tell your friends you are heading to Maine. The time is here.

It’s your life, have some fun, relax and smell some Maine wild flowers.

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I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers