Maine Lakefront Property, Real Estate Is Fun!
Maine Lakefront Property, Real Estate Is Fun!

The motivation to buy, own a piece of Maine, property here starts many ways deep inside.

Sometimes because the nice little town you moved to on your end is not any more. Too many people. People with guns, expensive cost of living issues, over crowding and traffic all tip the scales on a relocation, retirement to Maine.

Or the fear of stock values nose diving make that investment of a little hard earned cash one you have pondered hard and long. Maine real estate is low cost, attractive, way way more fun than stock options.

Molding stock share certificates or puny performing bank cd accounts can not compete with the family fun a Maine lakefront cottage, cabin with ME land on a river provide you all four seasons.

These waterfront Maine properties get handed down from generation to generation. There is something good, sacred, special about that.

Sometimes, just know you own a 40 acre parcel of land in Maine is peace of mind. An insurance policy as you sing The Clash song “Should I Stay Or Should I Go” in your head. Under your breath whistling and wondering.

Why is Maine so special? The hard working people loaded with common sense they could use in Washington DC. Bills passed with lots of extra pork tacked on may be the way politics go. But who pays for all the waste, expansion of government and loss of freedoms in our country. We don’t need more rules, we need more local pick yourself up by the boot straps pride. Getting people to work, feeling self sufficient, capable of feeding their own family, building a stronger community.

Maine, low cost property, easy rate financing from cheap money mean the time is now. Make the call, plan the trip. Go on line and start watching some videos. We have over 400 to help make the leap from your end to Maine.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers