Maine Lakes, Get Wet, Beat The Summer Heat, Gorgeous Sunshine, Weather.
Maine Lakes, Get Wet, Beat The Summer Heat, Gorgeous Sunshine, Weather.

The summer of 2009 in Houlton Maine in Aroostook County was not so memorable.

It rained, rained some more. And then more rain soaked the countryside and took the fun of outdoor hiking, camping, visits to Maine. The tail end had a few decent days but nothing like this summer in Maine. Sure its hot but with 6000 lakes, hundreds of miles of sandy Maine coastline, all those beaches in Vacationland are hopping, thriving, busy.

Local vacation, Maine tourism businesses pump healthy streams of income, pull down sales to help line the hungry state coffers thanks to all this picture perfect summer weather.

No complaints with the high temperatures and strong sunshine, blue skies. We’ll gladly take it. Enjoy it, relish more of the same.

Often for someone not living in Maine, with no exposure or experience with the place, myths about our weather, winter especially, creep in to conversations. Corrections are needed and if you must ask someone for their opinion, broad brush recollections or thoughts, make sure they have ever been to Maine first.

Showing folks outside the state of Maine portal this video helps set the record straight on winter weather and dismisses the crazy sweeping statement we all own dog sleds, live in igloos, have twenty minutes of daylight all winter long thinking. This ME winter recreation video helps show you the real Maine, what we do for fun and to avoid couch lock, blisters on our TV channel remote while surfing indoors.

Maine’s summer hot weather this week. There is a nice breeze, plenty of waterfront to take a dip, cool off and enjoy the sunshine that we are bathed in day in, day out. This is summer living using those open front porches, decks to BBQ, communicate outdoors with family, friends, neighbors through out the Pine Tree State. Maine, grab your camping gear, gas up the car or SUV, head to Vacationland. The water is fine, the weather overhead gorgeous offering no better location for summer vacations, escapes, some much needed time off.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers