Heading Up Mt Katahdin, Baxter State Park's "Saddle".
Heading Up Mt Katahdin, Baxter State Park’s “Saddle”.

Folks jammed in a small area with wall to wall people struggling with giant nose bleed high mortgages, stuck in bumper to bumper barely moving traffic….I’m talking somewhere other than Maine.

When you get more people spaced in over lap fashion, clustered, stuffed in too small a confine, like laboratory rats, they start to bite, shove, react in a hostile way.

Callers I have at my day job selling Maine real estate that stop in, phone us when living in an urban area ask about our population, weather, property prices. They learn there are no “bad towns” or risky neighborhoods with Maine’s 4th lowest crime national statistic. But these same folks share with me about how everyone around them is stocking up on ammunition, AR 15, AK 47 and hand guns of varying millimeter. I hear some real horror stories from relocating property buyers who are running away from some pretty scary situations.

maine simple living on a farm
Buildings Slowly Fixed And The Land Worked To Feed The Family. Welcome To Maine!

Living just enough for the city to get by is not living.

Survival if money runs out, the food got scarce. And all those cars to maneuver around if you had to bail out of a city. The area that used to be a neat small town but has become too big and expensive to stick around. When you live in Maine, suddenly many worries, concerns a person carrying a taser and looking over his shoulder, calculating the chance of crime about to happen are missing. Not in the picture.

Traffic, noise, high costs of living, pressures and urban stresses gone in Maine.

Income being made in Maine could be lower but so is your operating cost. More careful spending, getting what you need, not always what you think you want. Frugal living to get a handle on your expenses. The money going out not more than is coming in.

It’s safe and simple heating with wood, growing a good portion of your food.

Entertainment not expensive box seats at a musical. It’s all around you to absorb and enjoy. Hiking a Maine trail, seeing two deer, a moose and listening to a series of lake loons while you enjoy a meal cooked over an open fire. Only a half tank of gas the expense of your natural “HBO” living channel.

maine in winter on a lake
Lake Life In Winter In Maine Is Peaceful, Quiet And Reflective.

You get more for what you buy and healthier living for less or no money expended.

Money is taken out of the picture living in small town rural Maine. The dollar not depended on so much. Everything not hired out or delayed. Folks help each other in a “barn raising” sort of way. This weekend’s project at your home, farm, camp to fix this list of items. Next week at their place to tackle another laundry list of projects.

Barter. No money exchanged and having fun doing it together. Connected with a sense of small town Maine community spirit.

Is it like that where you live now? Maine, the way life should be. Leave the assault rifles home, bring your camera to shoot the wildlife, to capture the Maine four seasons scenery best.

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