Dinner Time, Where Is Mom & Dad Anyway?
Dinner Time, Where Is Mom, Dad Anyway?

Maine. The word hits folks deeply, in various ways, all depending on where they live now…if they are instate already or not.

What is lacking there, what is special here about the state of Maine. Maine people would have a different way of describing the state if suddenly plucked out, bright blue beamed, yanked to an urban, crowded populated area too. They are content living in Maine now but if suddenly what we don’t have in the Pine Tree State was pointed out with some “off premise” therapy, to compare the two, that gratitude would increase.

I love Maine for what we have for unspoiled natural resources and the full slate of all four seasons to enjoy the state’s beauty in. But what we lack, what is missing in Maine is maybe even better than the long line item run down of what we count our blessings about here in “Vacationland”.

No crime, being half the state average of 4th lowest in the nation if you find yourself in Aroostook County. Or less pollution of all kinds because of the low population. Heck even light pollution that clouds even the simplest act of seeing a black velvet night sky loaded with a multitude of stars is not possible many places other than Maine. All those little things of what we have.What we don’t that only mess up living. Enjoying the short life all of us has on this green, white and blue spinning planet Earth.

So the one word ways to describe Maine. Like the headline for this MeInMaine blog post promises, broadcasts, hints at? Okay, like I said the order, the content of that list would depend on your perspective. The one word Maine descriptions to convey what the place is like to someone that is not from here. Not living here now first.

Lobsters. Lighthouses. Ocean. Sunshine. Snow. Water. Pines. Chickadees. Loons. Moose. Deer. Bear. Birds. Fish. Katahdin. Baxter. Acadia. Ski. Sugarloaf. Painters. Potters. Craftsman. Artists. Musicians. Writers. King. I95. Islands. Snowmobile. Hike. Bike. Kayak. Canoe. Boat. Woods. Fields. Views. Land. Water. People. Cumberland. Franklin. Piscataquis. Somerset. Aroostook. Androscoggin. Sagadahoc. Kennebec. Lincoln. Knox. Hancock. Waldo. Washington. York. Oxford. Penobscot. Vacation. Bean. Outlets. Cruises. Rafting. Sporting. Beaches. Moxie. Potatoes. Farms. Timber. Lumber. Blueberries. Brocolli.

But for the folks who live here in Maine, were born and bred here, who have logged many years, spent a lot of time, gotten used to the place. Those comfortable and settled in, the list to describe Maine using only one word at a time is the kinda the same. But way way different too.

That list includes what we DON’T have here. Using words like billboards, litter, pollution, traffic, lazy, entitled, crowds, humidity. Ungrateful.

Folks who live here in this under populated state, far enough away from the street slick, crime riddled places to the south live different, appreciate not locking doors. Leaving keys in the driveway vehicles. Same cars and trucks left running as you zip in to the post office, running errands. Not worrying about personal safety. Not carrying tasers. Your kids able to walk to the movies, down town and not a wreck until they get home from little league practice when they ride their bikes every where. And this is what they would add to the Maine list of words to describe, one word at a time the people here.

Friendly. Helpful. Real. Genunine. Volunteers. Family. Porches. Churches. Christian. Creative. Resourceful. Artful. Musical. Lifestyle. Organic. Green. Homestead. Farmstead. Cottage. Camp. Cabin. Honest. Consistent. Land. Space. Protected. Insulated. Unique. Centered. Content. Picnics. Porches. Independent. Stubborn. Gentle. Loving. Caring. Survivors. Tall. Sturdy. Determined. Workers. Resilent. Thinkers. Forgivers. Accepters. Dependable. Prayers. Frugal. Comfortable. Rich. Values. Character. Aware. Blessed. Connected. Maine, so much can be said with one word definitions. Maine, she kisses, flirts, hugs and holds you tightly. Like a black bear. Not letting go of the strangle grip on your heart from day one. Grab your coat, tell your friends you are heading north up I-95 to Maine. There’s only one place like it.

I’m Maine REALTOR, Real Estate Broker Andrew Mooers
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