Our Youth, Local Community Members Are Where The Value Is, Not Wearing Handcuffs Of Gold And Over Spending.
Our Youth, Local Community Members Are Where The Value Is, Not Wearing Handcuffs Of Gold And Over Spending.

In Maine, our happiness, sense of contentment does not come from a mall, or ordering a lot of “stuff”, junk, items on line to try and impress.

The joy we contain is not generated by plastic, being saddled with debt or wearing “handcuffs of gold”. I learn a lot of new expressions from the folks I work with wanting to find Maine real estate. I heard many complaints about living “down country” and usually the in the top three is the Maine property buyer wants to get away from the high overhead of where they live now. Not just the high property taxes, big home mortgages, traffic and crime. But their lifestyle that is 200 miles an hour, a blur with spending more than they make.

A gentlemen in to the Houlton Maine real estate office yesterday lives on the Hudson River in New York. His wife was not with him but he complained about the high cost of living and fear of being a terrorist target where he lives in New York now. He wanted a second home that could become his full time place. The money spending on the other end was staggering just to tread water, live day to day without the extras. And then the way you live in many areas of the country dictates trying to impress your neighbor, keeping up with the Jones, being something thru spending you got in to the habit of decades ago. It’s not Maine. It’s artificial, boring, wasteful, working at being a snob which is really insecure.

In Maine, we are resourceful and we enjoy the outdoor recreation in our day to day. Not throwing around tons of money, maintaining a level of spending to artificially create a sense of look at all the loot, shiny bling bling around me King Midas situation. Our happiness is we saw a moose, little ones crossing the trail on our way to climb Mt Katahdin to climb, picnic, camp with our own kids. Or we hear birds singing happily while the sunrises as we drink the first cup of hot black coffee overlooking a lake where fish jump, loons sing or cry depending on your perspective.

We are more aware of our surroundings in Maine. We care about others, feel connected and help each other.

Know we can depend on others to be there too. We are independent and don’t enjoy asking for help but knowing it is there in a time of need is a comfort. A joy, a cause for happiness. One more reason to live in Maine. Friendlier, helpful people and not too many people if you take a head count. Spaced so everyone has four season elbow room.

I guess it boils down to a sense of respect for others, the surroundings, yourself. Maybe we are more centered. Maybe taking money out of the life equation is what makes it simple, living here sane. Maybe we are in better physical shape, getting out and working on a hobby farm, out on a lake to enjoy the water. Perhaps its because we spend more time with just ourselves, know how to entertain ourselves. We’re not trying to be something puffed up, requiring wearing handcuffs of gold. We shy away from spending all our doors with money we don’t have. Or if we do spend at a drunken sailors pace, then we will have no savings for a raining day of the essentials, what matters most for our families. It’s not the glitter to impress that runs our day to day. Not how we roll. Mainers take you as you are, don’t care if you are wearing a real Rolex, driving a Porsche, or had that suit hand taylored in Hong Kong. Maine, get here fast as you can.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers
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