Not Just Singing, Expressing, Feeling The Music, Doing It With Dance.
Not Just Singing, Expressing, Feeling The Music, Doing It With Dance As A Group.

For the second year, Houlton Maine was the host town for 39 high school music programs competing in the Jazz Show Choir festival.

Houlton Maine’s music director Joe Fagnant says it takes hundreds of workers and he has them in the local music boosters program, past students, parents, other teachers. Here is a video splash of just a taste of the event with schools performing from all over the state of Maine’s music programs on the middle and high school level.

The talents of these Maine music programs and students is so great and the productions so tight, that I still find myself singing, humming songs on from the event.

The singers, dancing so vibrant, full of energy that to have that kind of quality right in our own backyard is impressive, special, a source of Maine home town pride.

Performing before a crowd, being part of group and learning the fine art of singing, dancing and competing helps shape the citizens of tomorrow. A group that will appreciate, fund and keep fine arts alive for the next generation of Mainers. Here is a recap of last year’s performance to that was just as electric, sharp, memorable. Roll the Maine music video Jimmy.

Outdoor concerts will be starting soon at my home town’s amphitheatre. And the gift of music, the appearance of it in our every day life in Southern Aroostook County is evident in this McGill’s Band music performance video.

We are lucky to live in Maine. Music is one more reason.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers