Maine Youth Learn How To Work Early On..In The Potation Fields, On Fishing Boats, Raking Blueberries.
Maine Youth Learn How To Work Early On..In The Potation Fields, On Fishing Boats, Raking Blueberries.

You’ve never been to Maine, know nothing about the state parked up in the right hand corner of the world.

So far north we’re almost in Canada. So for the reader’s digest goes with some highlights about the place in case a question on Maine comes up on Jeopardy for four hundred dollars tonight. To get you up to speed about the facts, just the facts on Maine.

Maine has sixteen counties, the largest being Aroostook which is the size of Connecticut and Rhode Island combined. There are 6,000 Maine lakes. We are blessed with 32,000 miles of Maine rivers and streams. 17 million acres of Maine is wooded, or roughly 91 percent. Maine’s Baxter State Park is home of Mt Katahdin which is the northern end of the Appalachian trail. Katahdin is 5268′ feet tall, just shy of being a mile’s 5280′.

The Maine state animal is the moose, the capital Augusta, the gemstone the Tourmaline.

Our Maine state soft drink is Moxie, the state tree the white pine, the bird the Chickadee. Our state cat is the Maine coon cat. The herb wintergreen, insect the honeybee and state floral emblem, the white pine cone and tassel. Like to fish? Our Maine fish is the landlocked salmon.

Our Maine state motto is Dirigo (I Lead). Maine’s population is 1.2 million. In northern Maine that means 11 people per square mile. Maine’s crime rate is the 4th lowest, Aroostook County is half that state average again. Maine is 320 miles long, 210 miles wide with over 33,215 square miles (roughly as big as the other five New England states combined.)

Maine has 65 lighthouses and Portland Head Light was commission by President George Washington. Maine’s wild blueberry industry make it the nation’s largest, raising 98% of the lowbush blueberries in the USA. Maine potatoes rank third in acreage and production nationally.

York was Maine’s first chartered city in 1641. Maine became a state in 1820 and prior to that year was part of Massachusetts. Nearly 40 million pounds of Maine lobsters are harvested each year. Other shellfish and fin fishes combined mean harvesting over 200 million pounds happens annually.

Maine’s weather has three climate regions being the coastal, southern interior and northern interior divisions. Recognized as one of the most healthful states in the nation, our average summer temperature in Maine is 70 degrees. In the winter, the average is 20 degrees with snowfall extremely light this year. But normal snowfall is snowiest in Maine in January with about 20 inches in the northern zone. The state wide snow accumulation ranges from 50 inches to 110 inches..depending on your location.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers