Nothing runs like a Deere....except maybe a Farmall Super M?
Nothing runs like a Deere....except maybe a Farmall Super M?

You’ve heard the expression,
All Hat, No Cattle”? Well it means you can own the land, but making it pay for itself, sustain itself is the art, the gamble, survival art of farming. With one annual payment, no guarantees, you set out to raise beef, dairy cattle, christmas trees, vegetable growing or apple orchards. Putting something on that land, making it create something to pay the taxes the insurance, the overhead and extra to live on..barely.

The options in Maine depend on your age, ambition, size of the spread your wallet can handle and your wife’s attitude about the whole operation. If you married a lady who grew up on a farm, that is a rare special thing indeed. She knows the set backs of the weather, the market being good if there is a crop failure somewhere else. That’s farming. Here are things to think about with beef raising.

If you want to start a farm, I can help you with the setting, the low cost spread in Maine. But it’s up to you on the rest, what happens with the farm. Can you see little black and white holsteins or brown/white herefords roaming, grazing the green meadow clover grass? Growing bigger, having babies, the herd growing. Or planting a thousand to twelve hundred christmas trees to the acres by machine to groom, maintain and market to end up in the living room of homes many states away for Santa to put presents under. Farming in Maine…ready for the challenge? To climb on a tractor? Put hay in a barn, or to bail the 1200 pounders to get you thru the winters? See farms, the way of the area in Maine where you are hoping to land, to build a spread around you that your kids can enjoy, maybe take over, visit here.
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