Could you raise animals, crops, take care of yourself on a Maine farm?
Could you raise animals, crops, take care of yourself on a Maine farm?
Winter peace on a Maine farm, awaiting spring's rebirth, renewal.
Winter peace on a Maine farm, awaiting spring's rebirth, renewal.
From your vantage point on the open side porch of your Maine farmhouse, you can see your wife talking low, softly to the arabian horse on the other end of the lunge line she is holding. You have a sense of peace, contentment that was missing ten years ago when you worked the concrete jungle, pounded the pavement in the financial district of Wall Street. You had the shiny cars, the boats, the vacation homes but never really had time to use them, enjoy them. The three kids grew up in a flash and now you are on a porch in late summer reflecting on your life, your family, your day on the farm ahead.

You are set financially as long as you don’t go overboard on buying any six digit farm equipment you don’t really need. Today’s job jar contains one mission to repair the fence in the hidden rear five acre pasture. Mr Maine Moose decided to be neighborly and visit the Arabian, the hereford and holstein cows grazing the rich clover bed of that pasture and two fence posts were sheered clean off in the visit from Bullwinkle.

This summer you are anxious to get to know two of your grandchildren better, to teach them some life skills, work ethic. To recall the same family stories your dad, his dad and mom told them to pass on to the new members of the family. The pair will spend the summer with you and the wife. And the grand daughter Echo will be riding shotgun with your wife to a dozen horse shows, jumping in green hunter competitions in Maine and over the border into New Brunswick Canada. You and Hercules will be tinkering on the antique tractor, shopping for a two cycle dirt bike and hopefully getting the big original barn on your spread coated with a fresh splash of red paint. Restoring the old John Deer B tractor and doing a motor job on the Farmall Super M that is as old as you are. Filling that freshly painted barn with hay. All on the to do list to check off one by one but all the jobs / plans very weather dependent.

You heat with wood, have a primary furnace in the cellar, and an old timer 1920’s cook stove using the same fuel from your own land in the kitchen. There is a summer kitchen to can and preserve everything from apples in the orchard to free brocolli from the farmer down the road. For fun instead of the theatre, the opera or a river cruise on the Hudson or Potomac, you feel a satisfaction from a visit to the feed store to purchase salt mineral blocks for the critters. The soil is silenium deficient and the salt licks mean no white muscle disease or vet visits to give them mineral supplements. You learn that trick the first summer when the cattle started losing weight, looking poorly and you did not know why. Then.
You plan to enlarge the quarter acre pond that was on the farm when you bought it but that trout will populate next summer when the grandchildren visit again. Feeding those fish released with the same grandchildren from large water filled plastic bags. Fish food broadcast nightly as the sunsets and watching the fish jump is your new nature channel cable television diversion. Your hands are calloused. You have a farmer’s tan, wear a Boston Red Sox or Bruins hat and have lost the tire of fat that circled you like a moon the last ten years of the fast paced life in the city.

Could you leave the urban life behind, move to Maine and stand listening to friends and neighbors where you live in the city wonder if you are off your rocker. And then the same people visiting and seeing how happy, how at peace you are on your Maine farm? Simple living, healthy four season Maine weather to serve as the backdrop for the next chaper of your life.
Maine, It’s The Way Life Used To Be…Honest, Down To Earth, Friendly.
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