Horses Can Get Wound Up, Silly And Fun To Ride.
Horses Can Get Wound Up, Silly And Fun To Ride.
Riding horses, learning how to swim, having fun with arts and crafts. That was what my Aunt Ruth provided at Camp Little Ponderosa. Aunt Ruth had no children but took care of hundreds.

As a music teacher, she could get music to shine thru where there was none in the kid. She could teach kids how to jump, show horses, the responsibility of shoveling them out, feeding them.

Most of the kids that stayed the summer at the horse riding camp in Houlton Maine were from affluent families of doctors and attorneys in the cities thru out New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts. Many of the kids needed the work ethic instilled and came away more capable, less dependent and skilled at living away from home.
Two horses she had called Stardust and Melody were over 30 years old each. All the horses had personalities, quirks, habits…just like people. Taking them into Canada for shows was a blast, and some folks that rode as kids stuck with it. Some like caring for horses, some like the showing aspect better. At summer camp, we helped hay, went swimming at Cary Lake in Littleton Maine, got to go to the Borderland Drive In. Growing up in Houlton Maine was and still is fun. We also hit York’s Dairy Bar/Drive In for food once a week at least too. The summer went by quickly.
Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers